Everyday Minerals|FREE Custom Sample kit


Hey friends, I just want to share with you some of the samples that I received recently. They are my free custom sample kit which I ordered online from Everyday Minerals and all I have to do is pay for the shipping costs which is about $3.79.


So, I got these 7-piece custom sample kit :

3 pcs for face – lanai in the sand(bronzer), poipu-lar shores(bronzer) and finishing dust(finishing powder);

2 pcs for cheek – peony petal and cameo(blush);

2 pcs for base – golden beige (matte base) and honey(jojoba base)


Okay, let’s get to the point. I got these samples to try the products and also to check the color swatch if it works for me instead of buying a regular size and then decided that it doesn’t. So, I think this is a wiser way to actually pick up any makeup products without much hesitation after sampling them.

These samples have been lying around on my desk for awhile and I decided to try it on today.


I started with their Golden Beige (3w) with peony petal as the blusher and poipu-lar shores the bronzer for today’s makeup look. Since, they were all in powder format, I have a hard time applying them. The powder foundation didn’t stick well and I have to dap my brush with water and then mixed it to make it easier to blend as if it’s a liquid foundation. Maybe, it’s just me, I’m so used to liquid and cream foundations. I like the smooth feeling on my face and it has medium coverage. Would definitely need to build-up for full coverage.

Since I have dry skin, I tried to avoid applying too many layers. Like always,  I usually put my moisturizer on before foundation but sad to say, I can still see dry patches on my face with these foundation. My face does looked more radiant and fresh except it’s a little drier for dry skin person. Not too bad for those who prefer powder foundation. The color I chose was a little lighter than my normal color tone. Luckily, this is just a sample and I know now that I’m going to use this as my standard guide on how light or dark shade I should get when ordering online.


The bronzer and blusher works perfectly well for me except that the powder were flying everywhere while I was putting them on. It’s a little bit messy though. I have all finger prints now on my keyboard. Oops!

Overall, I like the color blush and also the bronzer because it’s quite pigmented and soft. The bronzer did it’s job by contouring my face well. I would love to them in creamy formula but that’s just me. For those who loves natural mineral makeup, I would recommend you start with Everyday Mineral. The price is reasonable and the quality is good for a mineral product.

My conclusion is that these samples from Every Minerals are all good products. Except that I need to use them wet instead of dry when it comes to using these pretty formulas.

If you like to try their samples, just click here to get your free samples. You choose the shades you like, how great is that?

Have you tried any mineral makeup products? If you do, which kind and brands do you like most?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo







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