What’s this about Gel Mascara?

essence gel lash  brow brushessence lash and brow gel mscara

Okay, I picked this up last week. I did a blog  earlier on “under $5.00 Beauty Must Haves” last Monday and today I thought of doing a review on this lash and brow gel mascara by Essence. I’ve never had a brow gel for my eyebrows before. It says to put a stop to unruly eyebrows! Wow!!! This I must really try. So, here it goes.

essence gel mascara for browcompare eye lashes

Eye brows comparison. Photo shown: Left side is with gel and Right without the gel mascara.

Uhmm… okay. Don’t see much of a different with the gel at first swipe. I did 2 more swipes and yes, my brow does seems set in place. Brows looks natural after applying the gel. It doesn’t show any shinny residue on the brow (not glue-y). I did mine without any eyebrow color and it works just fine.

gel mascara for lasheyelashes ith gel mascara

I also tried it on my lashes and well my lashes does feels crispy but not any much different. Since it’s a transparent gel so nothing much can been seen as compared to the normal black mascara. I have short eye lashes so it doesn’t perform as great for me but I think those who has long lashes, this mascara gel will work wonders.

Overall, I don’t think I like or dislike it. I think it is a good product, no doubt about it. I don’t regret buying it.  I will try to use it more often and learning to get use to this gel. For the price, I can’t find anything wrong with it. But for sure it is something that helps to put messy brows in shape. For that I think it does its job well.

Have you try any gel mascara lately? Please leave comment below.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo




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