Tell Me Why eye shadow by Everyday Minerals

Hi beauty friends, last Wednesday I received a package of free samples which I have requested from EM (Everyday Minerals) to do this review. I’m very excited to do this  since it’s my first time doing a collab. They have an amazing customer service personnel who are very helpful and friendly. Wonderful customer service!

Em packet free sample (2)

So, here is the package  that I got from Everyday Minerals. Inside there were four cute jars of eye shadow dust and included was a double-perfect eyes shadow plus eyeliner brush.

free samples eyeshadows em eyeshadow packaging

The packaging is simple and nice. Bottle jar is made of plastic component. I like the transparent  jar because it’s easier to see the colors to pick. It weight: 0.06 oz each.

brush head brush thin end

The double perfect eye shadow and eyeliner brush is amazing. It’s light and convenient when I’m doing my eye shadow makeup. I really like the soft brush bristles and the 100% renewable bamboo is nice to hold.

The flat rounded side is to blend eye shadow on lids and creases while the angled brush is more for the upper and bottom lash lines when applying eyeliner. It says that the brush is made 100% vegan and cruelty free.

I want you back eyeshadow eyeshadow em color swatch

The color swatches list of the eye shadows from left to right:

  • Na na hey hey – Totally matte and smooth, this crease free color is one you will want to use time and time again.
  • More I see –  to lighten out darker shadows. Perfect as a highlighter and has a sheen finish.
  • I want you back – adding glimmer to your eyes without the use of shimmer. It’s versatile enough to easily pair with and blend with other shades. It’s heavier than the Tell Me the Reason shadow.
  • Tell me the reason – lovely pink peach shade will grace your face with a luminous glow. This shade goes on completely smooth and is easily wearable day or evening

I used my fingers to make these color swatches. It’s more of a neutral shades.  The color shades seems darker when applying with fingers than brush. The texture has average pigmentation.  Inside the jar the powder does looks heavy but definitely not wet.

i want you back shadow emeyeshadow look closed up

Eye Shadows : Tell Me Why on my lids and I Want You Back for the crease 

For my eye makeup, I used the brush by EM and the eye shadow in Tell Me Why and I Want You Back colors. I’m doing the dry application  for this look. The eye shadows were soft and it blends pretty nicely except that the colors were too light for my skin tone.

The downside is that it doesn’t have much of staying power and the neutral shade is definitely too light for me.  It’s a little bit messy for the powders to keeps falling off as I applied them. It has very little color payoff. The good side is that the mineral formula does have a nice matte finish and it gives a natural color look.

em eyemakeup look

Here is the finish eye makeup look.

everyday mineral weteveryday mineral wet eyelook

I Want You Back, then Na Na hey hey for the crease and More I See as highlighter

Next, I tried using the wet application. This time I used eye concealer by Bourjois as eye shadow base.  Then I brush the wet mixture shadow on my lids.

Before that, I prepare using the eye shadow with a dab of water and then mix them. It’s my first time trying it on eye shadow powder. Actually it feels like applying an eye mask. Once I applied them, I immediately wipe off  the dried up powder gently and voila! Surprise! Surprise! It’s not cake-y and the color does looks deeper compared to dry method.

I prefer the wet method more than the dry once. I like this natural look better.

em eyeshadow weteveryday mineral finish look

Overall, in my opinion, mineral products are a hit or miss. I for one thinks that it is a miss for me. No doubt it is a good product but it doesn’t work on me but I’m pretty sure there are many who will find these mineral powder formula works well on them.

Some studies shows that the benefit of mineral makeup is that it doesn’t contain chemical that causes break out or aggravate sensitive skin. So, I guess that’s good news. Everyday Minerals (EM), beliefs in No animal testing and 100% cruelty free.

So, I hope you find this review helpful and interesting. I would recommend to those who like natural makeup products to try. If you like, you can find on their website the 7 pieces custom sample kit to try out. I’ll link them below.

Have you tried any mineral powder makeup recently? Please share by leaving comment below.

Thank you for reading and see you guys tomorrow.

Sharon xoxo




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