Warm Love ~ Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask by Albertini

albetini warm love

Warm Love in Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask by Albertini

I have been seeing pumpkins wherever I go and it’s going to be more next week and so will be all the halloween’s decorations. So, I thought what better skincare to write about than this Warm Love in Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask by Albertini. This was one of the item which I got from my October Ipsy glam bag which I posted last Wednesday. Unfortunately, it came in as a sample package only. So, I’ve tried it today and I’m sharing my First Impression on this exfoliating mask with you guys.

albertini mask

I made a swatch and look at this lovely light yellow cream of pumpkin shades which also contains very tiny exfoliating beads. The scent is quite aroma therapeutic with the pumpkin fragrant and truly relaxing when I massaged it on my face. It feels warmish upon contact with my fingers when I massaged it but it feels nice. I only did half of my face because it’s a small sample tube and second I need to compare my other side of the face to see the difference. The beads are barely noticeable but it works well to remover old skin.

Skin feels soft to touch and when I compared to the other side of my face I can feel the difference. It seems to removed the dry skin on my face and it feels good.

In their website they have it in a regular tube of 5 fl oz and selling for $23.00. Product available in some part of North America and Saudi Arabia. Well the price is a little pricey for an exfoliating mask but with the positive results I get, I don’t mind purchasing it in regular size.

Well, this is my first impression of this wonderful pumpkin exfoliating mask and really, I would recommend them to anyone who has dry skin like me. It’s time to chase away dry skin and for the new cell to growth.

What is your exfoliating mask you are using? Please share the comment below.

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo







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