Cake Beauty Sweehearts Luscious ~Lip Butter Balm

Hey guys! I have been trying out different lip gloss and lip balms lately. I did mentioned in my previous blog that I will try this lip butter balm by Cake Beauty. This is a limited edition lip balm in Sweethearts Kiss me, I’m sweet! When I think of cake and sweethearts candies,well I can’t help but think of Valentine. Oops,!!! I’m just getting ahead of myself.

cake lipbutter balm
So, I obviously have to try this sweehearts lip balm out. Not to mention this adorable packaging that is ohso girlie and pretty! This comes in a net wt. 12 ml tube. The price tag for this Sweethearts lip butter balm is $14.00 online at 
cake lip balm
The formula is quite thick but it glides like a dream. It goes on clean and feels deliciously rich. I like the soft and silky texture on my lips.  It has this sheer and luscious finish that moisturizes and protects lips leaving them feeling dewy and kissable. This kissable lip balm has a faint sweet vanilla scents that’s not too overwhelming. I can wear it anytime of the day or when I feel like giving a little love!
cake lip smacker
It leaves lips feeling moisturized and leaves a soft shine on the lips. To my surprised, this lip balm doesn’t feel sticky or waxy at all eventhough I find it to be a little bit thick.
lip smack
I keep my sweethearts luscious lip butter balm with me in my purse for a sweet moisturizing treat anytime.

I adore this Cake Beauty lip balm but in my opinion the price for a tube of it was overly priced. The quality is there but I’m just a little hesitant to repurchase once I’ve finished with this tube simply because of the price. Cake Beauty has a line for not only lip butter balm but also in hair and body mist.

How perfect is it Cake Beauty’s Sweethearts line? Would you get it anytime soon?

Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo

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