Top 5 Picks of Monthly Beauty Subscription Boxes

Hey Lovelies!

I’m sure most of us must have heard, watch or read about all these monthly beauty subscription boxes that has gained it’s popularity in the recent years. There seems be a big demand for a such product and service by consumers and beauty junkies like me.Therefore the birth of many other monthly boxes have also increases with time. It’s mushrooming as I speak and more newer brands popping out for their first debut. Note that some subscription brands offer full and sample size combination of top beauty products. While other are spanking new products that it’s not even in the stores yet.

So today, I will be just going to pick a few of my Top 5 monthly beauty subscription boxes which I would put my money into.

ipsy bag-pic

Ipsy Glam Bag – some of you may know or going to know that I am a subscriber of Ipsy bag. I love their bag simply because I can afford it and I like the makeup products which I received in my monthly bag. Okay, some of the samples I might not like them as much but it’s only $10 for 5 branded products. For only $10.00 a month plus shipping costs (around $4.75) to Canada while free shipping to the States. You can cancelled it anytime. How cool is that!

So, I got the buck for my money invested here. No doubt that some of the samples are really a sample size or travel size only but for me, I got to try different products to try and to decide if I’m going for a regular size if I like it. There is no point to get regular size if you ain’t going to like it anyways. The trick here is if you received a sample size, then you know that it’s freaking expensive product. For me, that’s wonderful because how many times do I actually invest in a $26.00 bottle of highlighter by Tempu for instant. On the other hand, receiving a travel size hair spray is no use for me since I’m not a very hair person (frankly speaking) okay embarrassed to say this. That’s how I feel and you may have your own opinion about this Ipsy bag which I fully respect.

beautyfix box -pic

Beauty Fix – have you heard that BeautyFix has offically closed up store and will are now replaced by blush Mystery Beauty Box since August 1 of this year. I’ll put the link below. Since it sad to see beautyfix go before I even tried them, I heard many good reviews about it. But anyways, with the new blush Mystery Beauty Box up an running. I am excited to know what they have to offer. Their one time purchase is $34.95 or monthly subscription of $24.95 featuring mostly full or travel size samples worth $100.00 as claimed. Since this is a mystery beauty box, it’ll be thrilled to guess what’s inside the mystery box especially on a monthly basis. Won’t you? I will be signing up for mine soon since it’s a limited subscriptions. Who knows you might find some interesting favorite brands here.

Oh, one more thing is that you get a free gift with your box and shipping is free. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

goodebox pic

Goodebox – is mainly focus and curated with healthy beauty products and natural wellness in mind. Starting price of $17.00 – $19.00 depending on the type of subscription you like to join. I’ve link it here for your easy reference. It comes in 4-6 trial samples to try on. For those of my readers who are looking for a healthy beauty product option, and love to try new products and enjoy discovering new brands, then without a doubt this box will suit you. Ships within the United States.

box-women pic

Birch box – is the first company that offers monthly subscription to men and women. It sent out 4-5 samples a month personalized beauty and grooming products delivered to the subscribers. Subscription for women is $10.00 monthly and $20.00 for men subscription. It has subscribers worldwide spread thorough out Europe and U.S. The company recently announced plan to launch in Canada. So, Canadian beauty junkies, keep you strap on, you’re up for a beauty ride.


Beautybox5subscription is $12.00 on a monthly basis , for $30.00 recurring quarterly while $90.00 for a yearly subscription. The sent out 5 deluxe samples from many interesting products brands. If you are a nail, skin care and hair person. I believe this box is for you. They have many exciting brands to try out.

So, at the end of the road, I have to decide which other subscription boxes that I would like to subscribe this coming winter. Going out shopping can be fun but with the freezing weather, I might think twice. It would be lovely to get my makeup products delivered directly to my door steps. I might have clearly decided my verdict. How about you?

Will you be getting your monthly boxes too? I love to hear which monthly box you pick. Please leave comment below to share.

As always, thanks for spending your time here to read and sharing.

Sharon xoxo


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