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Today, I went to the drugstore to pick up this new released lipsticks from Revlon. It’s their latest lipstick theme “Love is on”.

Oh yes, it seems like the HD isn’t for TVs anymore. We have seen HD in blushes, foundation, eyes, and lips. Right? Beside this Ultra HD Lipstick, another exciting product is the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer which I find it very interesting as well. But first thing first, I picked these two bad boys and I’m just thrilled to be doing my first impression on them.

The shades which I got were in 875 Gladiolus and Magnolia in 865. There were 20 High definition shades to choose from and all were named of flowers. Each lipstick has it’s own distinct scents of flower fragrance.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in 865 HD Magnolia and 875 HD Gladiolus (net wt: 0.10 oz)

Revlon Ultra HD LIpsticks Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

HD Magnolia shade is creamy and the formula are very soft. I love this Nude shade and it’s so richly pigmented. It blends so well and I love the staying power of this formula.

revlon HD Magnolia lippie

I love red lipstick and I couldn’t resist this one for sure. There are a few other red lipsticks such as Poinsetia and Poppy. I got mine in Gladiolus and wow!!! The texture is moist and I don’t feel heavy at all on my lips. It’s a brilliant formula for lips, in my opinion.

Revlon HD Gladiola

Look at these lovely color swatches. Aren’t they just simply gorgeous. Aww… look at how pigmented they were and the shades were beautiful.The price tag is $10.99 but the price may depends on where you live. I couldn’t find this new released Revlon at Target and Walmart last week but I’m hoping that they will put it up soon. .

revlon color swatch

NUXE Paris Nirvanesque 1st wrinkles smoothing cream is a freebie sample which I got from my purchase. It says here that it de-stresses, relaxes and moisturizes with blue lotus sees and peony. Sounds interesting and I’m in to try it out.

NUXE Freebies

So, that’s it for my first impression and I hope you find it useful and interesting. If you have any request for a review, don’t forget to leave comment below.

As always, appreciate you stopping by. So, thank you.

Sharon xoxo

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