How to Tightline Your Eyeliner?

Hey Lovelies!

In my last few post I mentioned about tightline eyeliner look which I wanted to share here in my post. So, I hope it’s not too dry or boring for you. It’s something I learned and sharing with you my experience is something I love to do. Here are a very easy method to do a tightline eyes.

Tightlining is good for those who don’t want to look too “done”.

annabelle eyeliner

Use your favorite eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner whichever you feel most comfortable. I prefer using pencil liner for this tight line eyes. I’m using the Annabelle Retractable eyeliner in Jet Black and make sure you use the one with ophthalmologist tested brand.


First of all, I start from the middle and to the outer eyes the same technique as if I’m applying on my upper lashline but this time I’m doing it under the lashline waterline. I Only I have the shape or have filled up the 1/2 eye then I continue to apply from inner eye to join the middle waterline.

tightline eyelook

It’s much easier if you put a finger on top of the eye that you are applying this tightline method. Just press gently on the eyelid and start the tightline process. Do the same for the other eye as well.

closed up look tightline eyelook

I continue with my eyeliner after I have finished doing my tightline. This will make a more dramatic look and if you are opting for a simple and yet dewy finish look, then stop after you have done your tightline eyes. If you wish you can apply mascara but for me I’ll just stop there.

Having a tightline is somehow a look that is simple and natural looking. There is depth in the eyes with tightline eyeliner.

I hope this helps and if you wish for more of an eye makeup look. Please let me know below.

Would you try this look?

Until then, thank you very much for reading.

Sharon xoxo

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