Top 5 Tuesday Favorite Face Products … you don’t want to miss!

Hey beauties! Today, I wanted to share my post about my Top 5 Favorite face products. Despite the fact that I have dozens of various makeup products at my fingertips, I have chosen 5 top picks which I love using.

Top 5 Face Products

top 5 tuesday favorite makeup

Bourjois Brush Concealer/Laura Mercier Foundation Primer/Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer/Revlon Classy Coral Blush/Cover Girl Ready Get Set Gorgeous Foundation  

laura mercier primer

Let me start with my first top picks which is the Laura Mercier foundation primer.It has become one of my most recent love due to the fact that it’s so smooth and silky with the effect of making my skin feels light and easy. Since I put on primer before foundation, I really enjoy wearing Laura Mercier’s foundation primer for a flawless and fresh looking skin.

covergirl foundation

The second face product which I used every time I did my makeup will be the foundation. I have various type of foundations which I have tried and tested but I still love doing my face with this Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation. I love how natural and flawless this foundation provides. Coupled with an amazing primer, this foundation will guarantee to last all day. The one I’m wearing is in 220 (soft honey).

Bourjois concealer

I always wear my concealer after applying the foundation. Since Bourjois is one of my favorite drugstore brand makeup, I love how this concealer works on my dark circle under my eyes and eyelids. It gives a radiant and the coverage is wonderful.

tarte bronzer

Okay, all the sun-tanning during the summer had slowly diminished as winter rushing in. Well, I usually gets a little paler comes January and I just thought that I have to put some warmth glow on my face.  I got this Tarte Amazonian Clay bronzer from Sephora in the summer. Some of you might be skeptical about wearing a bronzer in the winter, but as long as the bronzer is not too shimmery or not too dark shade then contouring it with a blush will gives a pretty glow.

revlon blush

The last face product in my list will be my Revlon powder blush. It’s smooth and it has a nice and lovely finish. I love how pigmented this powder blush is and love the coverage and it’s so blendable. The color of this Classy Coral adds a natural flush colors on my complexion instantly.

So, there you have it some of my 5 Top face products which are my favorites.

Have you any of the face products that I mentioned above? Please comment below.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo


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