Christmas Red Eyeshadow Makeup Look

Hey friends!

Well, since the holiday season is just around the corner, I thought of experimenting some of the festive mood eye makeup looks which I’m sure many will love. Here is the first eye look which I came up with.

nyx eyeshadow

What do I need for this makeup look? Well, an eyeshadow from NYX, a pencil eyeliner or liquid or gel according to your preference and an eyeshadow brush.

makeup products for eyelook

NYX eyeshadow single in ES54 in Cherry.

Annabelle kohl eyeliner in Dark Grey.

red eyeshadow look

Okay, I did my eye primer and eye concealer before dapping eyeshadows on my lids. I started off by applying my eyeliner on the upper lid and followed by the bottom. Once it’s properly done I continued applying the NYX eyeshadow in red. It has some soft shimmery finish. The texture is soft and able to let me layered up a few notch to my liking.

eyeshadow look

I did my red eyeshadow on the lids, crease and under the lids. This look is a red eyeshadow look that I love to do.

red eyelook

Finishing touch by blending in with a highlighter and then curled up my lashes with a clear mascara and voila! A nice Christmas eye makeup look which I recommend you to try.

Would you wear a red burgundy eyeshadow? Leave comment below. I love to hear from you.

Thank you very much for reading.

Sharon xoxo




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