5 Genius Eyeliner Tricks You Must Know


Hey Beauties!

Have you ever encounter time and again that drawing an eyeliner can be as challenging as standing on a circus ball doing a balancing act?

Well, here are a few tricks that might keep those challenges at bay:-


Trick #1 – Use a pencil liner as a guide for tricky liquid liners. Not everyone of us owned the same type of liquid eyeliner at home but we are more a less have the same type of eyeliner pencil, agree? We all learn to hold a pencil the day we know how to write but not a brush unless maybe in China, then chances are you might be an expert in holding a liquid liner to draw a liner. So, if you are like me, then this trick might work for you.

First and foremost, use what we know best since childhood, drawing a line with the pencil liner. Draw the liner closer to the eye lashes or even you can even make a cat eye wink. Just kidding! Once you have the look of the pencil liner you like, go ahead and trace them with a liquid eyeliner. This way, you will achieve the best liquid eyeliner look your friends will want to copy.

wht eyeliner DSC06875

Trick #2 – Make less pigmented eyeshadow more vibrant by covering eyelid with white eyeliner first. You might be wondering how? Alright! I’ve to admit that I don’t like to waste makeup and what do I do after picking up some eyeshadows that doesn’t perform or as pigmented like it should be? Absolutely disappointed I must say! But here is the remedy of not putting the shadow to waste. Simple apply a layer of white color eyeshadow or even white eyeliner on the eyelids before applying the eyeshadow. You will see the obvious result instantly.

DSC06892 blend the hashtag

Trick #3 – The next time you wanted to get a perfect smoky eyes. Just draw a few # sign on your eye lids. Then smudge it and repeat the process several times until you reached the results you wanted of a smoky eyes.

create new shadow

Trick #4 – Getting bored with the same old color eyeliner over and over again or have a broken shadow pan that’s looking sad. Well, there is a solution to boredom and save your shadow. Why not create your own custom eyeliner with wet brush and eyeshadow, let me assure you that it’s simple! I mixed two shadows and created this color in taupe-grey. Loveeeee iiiit!!!!!

putting the dots connecting the dots

Trick #5 – Simplifying a straight line by drawing dots on the eyes before connecting them. Once you know what’s the width of the liner you want your eyes to look, then put on the dots on several places close to eyelashes. I personally put three dots one in the middle and one on each side. Connecting the dots can be fun too just like when we were once little (nostalgia!!!!).

For more ideas and tricks on eyeliner, please check on my next post in a week to come. In the meantime, stay beautiful, love.

Would you try this tricks? I love to know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo










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