Neutrogena – 3 Steps to Beautiful Clean and Fresh Skin


Hey friend!

As Christmas came and went, I’m in process of dishing out all the gifts I received and one of them is none other than this Neutrogena Skin care products. I believed it’s from Target selling for $14.99 for the holidays.

Let’s see what’s inside :

neutrogena skin care

This Neutrogena skin care products comes in a gift set.

3 skin care

They comes in a full size each bearing a net wt: Daily Cleanser 354 ml/ Eye Makeup Remover 162 ml/ Moisture Sensitive Skin 120 ml

daily cleanser Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser ($8.99 sold individual)

I wanted to start to talk about their daily cleanser. It claims that it’s hypoallergenic, paraben free. won’t clog pores, soap-free and dye free. I tried using this product cleaning my face this morning and first of all, I wanted to say that it’s smells nice. Product comes out easily by pressing the pump applicator. Formula is of liquid gel color and it foams up well. I find that it’s also easy to wash and rinsed out. Leaving skin smelling fresh and clean.

eye makeup remver Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover ($6.99 sold individual)

I’ve tried using Neutrogena makeup remover in the tissue format and I’m excited to try this from a bottle. It claims to even remove waterproof mascara and has aloe and cucumber extracts that soothe the skin. We heard that cucumber has the property of getting rid of puffy eyes and cooling purposes. So, this is brilliant to incorporate aloe and cucumber in this product.

moisturizer Oil Free Sensitive Skin Moisturize ($9.99 individual)

Due to the dry weather my skin simply dries up very quickly. I have been slapping moisturizer almost around the clock and this Neutrogena moisturize hydrater. Believe me, that’s what I needed most now. First of all, it’s not greasy, lightweight and i’s a water -based lotion which absorbs quickly and won’t clog pores.

I have been using other moisturizers for example No. 7, Lancome and The Body Shop brands but since I’m using it a lot these days, I thought it would be more economical if I changed to Neutrogena for now. The price is $9.99 compared to the No 7 which is more than double the price.

Available at Target, Ulta, Walmart and other drugstores. No doubt the quality is not the best but will still do since I need to be slapping lots of moisturizer on face and hand particularly.

I’m happy to receive this gift set that will keep my skin happy through the winter. Sometimes, it’s not about the price but it’s the thought that counts.

Would I repurchased these skin care products in the future. I definitely will repurchase the daily cleanser and makeup remover and would recommend it to all my closed family and friends.

Have you tried any Neutrogena skin care products? If yes, which one is your fave?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo








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