How to pick a bold lip color?

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The right red lip color is a classic that never goes out of style be it day or night. Especially the red lips that looks so gorgeous on others but not on you. You’re not alone. Finding the right shade is easier said than done. For nothing worthwhile is gained so easily. Let me tell you how.

Revlon Love is on Gladiolus

Lipsticks are those things that you need to develop a comfort level with. Some women find it easy, while for others takes a little while through trial and error. Finding their comfort level wearing a bold lip color takes time.

So, the easiest way to make sure which red lip color speaks to you is basically through trial and error. If you like to wear red then going to the makeup counter and try a few shades will bring great result. It will be worth the time and investment.

Here are some of the shades which I like to share here with you. I branched out and try four different color hues.

Lip colors: Burgundy/Tomato Red/Plum/Raspberry (Sonia Kashuk lip palette)

dark red orangy lip rasberry plum

Use this as a guideline to find your perfect red lip color.

Cool skin tones – your skin has pink or bluish red. Often a blue based/red with hints of pink, fuchsia or rose works best.

Warm skin tones – your skin has yellow to olive undertone. Then consider wearing orange/tomato red, bronze or burgundy will play up the golden or olive undertones of your skin.

Simple makeup – to get the best result of showing a sexy and gorgeous looking lips, underplay the mascara, eyeshadow to a more neutral look while keeping the blush the same color family as the lips. The red lips is like the bride and the others, the bridesmaids. Well, we all know that bridesmaids should never upstage the bride, right!

Getting a radiant lips and neutral makeup is an easy way to add glamour to an ordinary day or night. Don’t be shy and experiment the right shades and texture that fit your style. Whether you read this and follow my suggestions or come across a red lip color that is right for you, I bet you won’t regret it.

Which is your favorite red bold color lipstick?

Thanks for reading.

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