Instain Blush by the Balm – My First Impression!

Hey guys!

Today I have a blush review that I love to share it with you all. It’s the up and coming brand called The Balm. Most of you may have heard of this company as they are creating and coming up with new and exciting products. Bear in mind that this blushes are not new to their lineup but worth sharing.

So, are you as excited as I am now before I reveal what I’m going to do on my first impression?


Instain blushes

I ordered these Instain blushes by thebalm and I fell head over heels on these ones. I received them in my mail a couple of days ago and inside the package are two beautiful matte finish blushes and an amazing satin finish blush. I ordered 3 different color shades for this review. They’re available in six lovely shades for all seasons and skin tones. You can order online at the balm or also check out at Amazon, ebay and nordstrom.

Two are of matte finishing and the other are satin finish. These blushes comes with a sturdy cardboard packaging that’s not bulky at all and a good size mirror. Each blush has a unique photo of a retro/vintage woman in front. I’m sucker for cute packaging and I just love how cute they are. Inside in the pan are these beautiful blushes.

instain the balm

closed up instain

Pinstripe is of plum toned and the texture is soft and blend-able. Net wt: 0.20 oz for $22.00 at thebalm. Beautiful satin finish for medium to dark skin. It gives pretty coverage and a little goes along way.

argyle blush

color shade

Spring color (Argyle) is of soft petal pink with a matte finish. It’s a little bit lighter in shade that I expected and a little powdery. The texture is soft and smooth. Once you’ve blended it well, this blush will look dashing. If you have pale skin, this shade will look pretty on fair skin toned.

lace blush

lace shade

Lace is of bright pink with a matte finish. The shade does popped out better for me on swatches than the argyle which is a paler pink in my opinion. All three blushes are intensely pigmented and they’re blend-able. Since they’re so pigmented, it’s better to gradually built up the color. If you’re looking for some shade to look fresh and cheerful, Lace is the perfect choice.

color swatches pic

I highly recommend these blushes for its high pigmentation, color pay-off and long wear time. Overall, I love these Instain Blushes and I know they’re going to keep me busy for awhile dolling up!

What do you think of this Instain blush by theBalm? Will you pick them up?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo

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