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Hey girlfriends,

I’m super excited when I saw the mailman arrives delivering this package of my most recent online order. My obsession for lipsticks never faded and they’re more to come. But for now, I’ll be sharing with all of you these beauties from Etude House.

Etude House is an Asian cosmetic brand from Korea and as you can see the packagings are drop dead gorgeous even the box packaging 🙂

etude shine lips

I wanted to lay my hot paws on these babes long ago and the day finally came. So, let keep your eyes peeled for a moment. I purchased four tubes in one shot because I’m so in love with this awesome packaging and the shades are so amazing. It reminds me of Les Merveilleuses De Laduree line which is of the 18th century design. I’ve got to get all the color shades on my vanity, giggling!!!


The packaging of these Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips are insanely cute. I love, love this Princess Etoinette collection line and aren’t they stunning?

color shades

Each with a net wt of : 0.11 oz for $13.00 a tube. Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips is described as smooth, creamy and moisturizing lips. Giving your lips a soft gorgeous shimmering flush and healthy looking. I chose four shades which I personally love.

close up lips close up

The shades are as follows starting from left to right : PPK005 in Plum/PPK012 in Pastel Pink/PPK004 in Nude and PPK003 in Orange. 

color swatches etude house

The color swatches glides beautifully for it’s creamy and  has average pigmentation with a soft shimmering finish.

Worldwide international shipping by Etude House. Check your shipping destination for a quote. Or you can also check online at ebay.

I obviously can’t wait to do a full review on these Etoinette shine lipsticks by Etude House and will definitely leave my two cents opinion after I have tried them thoroughly. So, be sure to check them out in my next few posts.

Find anything you love, beauties?

Thanks so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo


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