L’oreal Mineral Powder|Review|Swatches


I have been doing a few back to back reviews this past few days and believe it or not, I’m really enjoying sharing my thoughts and opinion with you guys. As you can see, there are some products that I like more than the others while there are some which just didn’t work on me.

Let’s take this L’oreal True Match Mineral Powder for instant. The Mineral Powder compact comes in a built-in mirror that’s handy for an on-the-go application. I find this mineral powder packaging to be simple and nice.

loreal powder review

The shade I pick is in Sand Beige W4-5 with net wt: 0.31 oz. Behind this packaging L’oreal claims it can hold up to 16 hours of fresh, true color without oil breakthrough which blew my mind.

Obviously, I got to pick this babe and try it out myself. I tried applying them on and I’m glad to say that it did a good job on concealing the redness around my nose and it leaves a soft mattifying finish. I don’t see any shine on. I’m more of a dry skin type and when on me, I don’t feel that it’s cakey and was able to build-up beautifully. The formula is very lightweight and the silky texture works best for touch-ups and as setting foundation. Since it’s not cakey, you’ll get a sheer coverage that is buildable.

This mineral powder works pretty well on natural lighting and to put it to the test, I took a photography test and it turns out good. And after a few hours wearing I still can’t see any shine on it. Overall, this mineral powder is oil-free, fragrance free and it doesn’t break out on me.


The absorbent formula helps control oily shine which is good news for many. I have to say that it is an excellent powder for normal to oily skin type. But as for the 16 hours claim, I don’t see the staying power to last that long since on me it lasted only for about 2-3 hours. I have to retouch-up after the 3rd hour.

There are eight shades available which are from fair to medium tone and you can easily find at any Walmart. You can also find this product at your local drugstore, Ulta, Boots, Amazon and L’oreal online. For the price of $12.88 for a drugstore brand, in my opinion I find it to be averagely priced consider the quality you get from L’oreal Paris 😀

hard candy review

Hard Candy Face Primer is fragrant free and I have a lot of fun playing with it. First of all, this primer like any other primers share the same texture of being smooth, featherly light and he formula absorb quickly into skin. It claims to minimizes skin imperfection and leaving skin velvety smooth.

I’ve tried it for a few days under my foundation, I don’t see any different when using this primer to be honest. Conclusion is I’m not too crazy with this face primer and no hate either. So, this face primer is just a miss for me. But to be fair, having said that I still think that it’s a decent primer given the cheap price in store. I guess I’ll leave it all to your  own.

What do you think of this review? Do you find them helpful?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo




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