I’ll Call You~Provocalips|Swatch|Review


I mentioned in my previous post that I’ll be featuring more of first impression and reviews on makeup products the next few weeks. Well, I’m not an habitual gloss-user but with this Rimmel Provocalips. Yes please! This is totally a different type of lip product altogether a hybrid of lip gloss and lipstick. I love lipsticks and I also prefer to find lipsticks that are low maintenance that you can slap on and forget about.

So, I’ve seen some Youtubers talking about it and wasn’t that convince except to try it out. Good thing is that Target had this on discount and I got to grab it for sure. This shade looks pretty and spring-y.


Look at this dual head Provocalips lipstick by Rimmel. I got this in fuchsia or hot pink which looks great on lips. It’s the I’ll Call You in 200 with net wt: 0.24 fl oz for $7.99 at Target minus discount. Available in 10 kissable shades at Target, Walmart, drugstores and Ulta.

close up provocalips

This is a 16 Hr long wear Provocalips that really Rocks! I’m so happy that it does last a long …. long …. time. Bear in mind that this i a kiss proof lip color that stays all day.  The color doesn’t transfer at all with or without the Step 2 (Lock & Shine). I have to practically use makeup removal to remove the lip stain.

dual head

Step 1 : Apply Intense Color and wait for a minute before going to Step 2 : Apply lock & Shine (white wand) as top coat to lock the color and moisture leaving lips shine beautifully.


Both wands have the doe feet and it open and close by turning the end and you should be able to hear a click. Very easy applicator and the packaging is cute. It’s a perfect lip color size to bring anywhere.

wand applicator


Yes, it’s a hybrid of lip gloss and lipstick which almost felt silicone-y. It’s not gunk-y or gluey but it glides as smooth as silk.

dual swatches

Color swatch of the transparent top coat and the awesome shade of I’ll Call You in Fuchsia. Lovely liquid-y formula that freaking lasting. Value for money??? You bet it is.

rimmel provocalips

Image taken under natural lighting. The left is Step 1 and the middle using Lock & Shine (Step 2). The last is a Kissable Proof lips. I’ve many other high-end lipsticks that I’m putting aside after finding my new love on this awesome lipstick that actually works. I mean, how nice is it to just go about your day and not worry about your lipstick? Not having to wonder if you have that dreaded line around your lips?

after 5 hours kissable lips

Image taken under bathroom lighting after taking a heartfelt dinner. The shade on lips still looking pretty good.

Will I recommend this to my family and friends. Absolutely! Will I repurchase? For that price point and excellent lip quality, I will repurchase over and over again. I love all the shades and will be picking up more for my vanity ❤

Absolutely love this product and the color. I guess I’ve said enough and I’ll leave you to try them out yourselves.

Would you be picking up this Provocalips lip color? Which shade fancy you the most? Love to hear your comments.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo





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