Acure Day Cream|#Ipsy March Glam Bag|First Impression



Hey beauties!

It’s me for my first impression review on this beauty product which I got from my March’s Glam Bag from Ipsy.  This month’s Ipsy’s bag has everything to love and I have started trying out some of the products that I’ll be writing my reviews on. Except for this, Acure day cream and an item or two which I’ll do it as my first impression.

acure day cream

If you have normal to dry skin than this will be a good product to try and if you have sensitive skin the natural ingredients might help you to consider. I have problems with some products that often times causes breakouts. I’ve tried this since yesterday and so far so good.

It has an amazing smell of citrus or tangerine. Sorry, I’m terrible in describing amazing smells but each to its own. But this scents I do like very much. It smells refreshing.

acure day cream

This is a sample and not for resale. Net wt: 1 fl oz.  Guys and gals this is going to get better. This day dream is cruelty free certified. It’s good for your skin and for the planet! Hurray!

I find that the texture is thick and heavy on application. It’s not runny but rich and creamy. No stickiness detected except moisturizing skin. I apply them on face and neck as per my usual day cream routine and oh how moisturizing my skin feels throughout the day. It blends easily with it’s smooth and soft texture and the only thing this day cream leave is a soft and tender skin.


Well, if you are looking for a simple moisturizer for day time wear that will keep your skin moisturize without giving you the shine and also health conscious then you’ve found your perfect moisturizer. Afterall this day cream is vegan, paraben and gluten free.


I don’t see any SPF or UV protection formula in this Acure Day Cream but like I said, if you’re wearing it to moisturize then go for it. Afterall, your skin deserve some love and care even though when you’re indoors too.

So, that’s it on my first impression review and if you like to see more of Acure skin care products, you can find them at local drugstores, ipsy, Amazon and Acure online.

Frankly, I don’t picked any day cream or facial products by random choice but thanks to Ipsy’s sample bag I got this month, I got the opportunity to try it and totally love it. I won’t hesitate to grab a regular size tube at my local drugstore once I have emptied it out.  Under my skin care regime calculation, I predict to be hopping over to get another pretty soon.

What do you think of this day cream? Have you tried any Acure beauty products? If yes, which one.  Let me know on the comment section below.

As usual, thank you so much for the love.

Sharon xoxo




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