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Last night after super, my husband decided to drive us to a shopping outlet not too far from our house. The store is called “Giant Tiger” and they basically sell food and stuff like Wal-mart but in a much smaller scale. It was my first time there since we moved here a couple of months ago. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect to see makeup products there but I spotted Elf and L.A. Colors makeup essentials. Oh well, it’s better than nothing 🙂

elf golden palette

Three Dollars! Get out of here!!!

I’m surprised to find this Flawless Quad Eyeshadow by e.l.f for only $3.00 (Net wt: 0.14 oz.). That’s wonderful! This quad eyeshadow is available in nine lovely shades. I picked the Golden Goddess for a new eye makeup look. Please read further.

elf eyeshadow

I love the packaging and the colors in the pan. It looks simple and fuss-free. This packaging reminds me of Almay’s brand actually. I’m happy to say that the packaging on this palette doesn’t look cheap given the price is only $3.00. There are four awesome shades in this palette – for base, lid, crease and line. Beige(base), Gold(lid), Bronze(crease) and Charcoal(line). It also comes with an itsy bitsy mirror and a mini applicator.

elf shadow swatch

On swatch the colors comes out beautifully. It’s super pigmented and it’s very good. I really love the golden shimmery finish. You can spray the eyeshadows with makeup mist and set method for a more intense look or to make your makeup pop. Cool isn’t it!

Well, I notice that the texture of of these eyeshadow are not smooth on pan. It feels a little flaky or dryish which I can only assume was due to the glitters and shimmery properties used into this formula. But once its blended on lids and crease the only problem you have is admiring how stunning your eyes look.

golden eye look

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I wanted to create a golden glittery eye makeup look to share in this post. So, here are some easy and simple steps that I created using this elf flawless eyeshadow palette. An eyeshadow quad perfect for everyday look.

I love this shade in Golden Goddess and its freaking pigmented. Will definitely be going back for more shades. Good quality for only $3.00 a palette , I couldn’t ask for more! Seriously! If you are a newbies in makeup or on a makeup budget, I’ll say go and pick one please.

What do you think of this look? Let me know what you think under the comment below.

Thanks for staying around. Stay beautiful ❤

Sharon xoxo


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