Stila “In the Light” Neutral Eyeshadow Palette|Review



Hey gorgeous!

stila palette

This is one of my many other Stila eyeshadow palettes which I’ll be doing a review today. This week I’m doing the “in the light” which I believe is in neutral colors except the grey-blue. I paid this for $20.00 a palette instead of $39.00 valued priced. This eyeshadow palette is a limited edition since Stila has come up with their new FAll 2014 collection – Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette recently.

stila in the light

I am very much a neutral eyeshadow girl and so this is very much my street. The first thing I love about this eyeshadow palette is the color ranges. It got four matte and the shimmer shades are colors which I know I’ll wear quite often.  The texture on the matte shades are soft and velvety whereas the shimmer shades are creamy and easy to blend. I notice all the shadows have good consistency. They’re both highly pigmented. Besides that, included is a smudge stick which is brilliant. It glides so well and I love how pigmented this eyeliner is. It’s just amazing!

palette swatches

Inside “in the light” (L-R): bare – kitten – bliss – sunset – sandatone; and

Bottom row (L-R): bubbly – glazed gold – luster – night sky – ebony

with a waterproof eyeliner smudge stick in Damsel (in deep matte brown). My favorite color for an eyeliner. This is a beautiful palette that you can create as many looks as you like. With this palette all you need is a little imagination.  It’s so much fun to play with such incredible shades.

DSC00597in the light swatches

The Kitten shade, I believe is Stila’s staple is used for inner corner, whereas the matte Brown and Black are for smoking it out lightly and with other gorgeous colors for the lids. The only color which might not be used out is “Night Sky” except if you are doing a smokey eyes look.

So, that’s it on my take of this awesome palette. $20.00 for good a 10 size eyeshadows of great quality and an eyeliner. That’s incredibly good. I absolutely love it and will see myself wearing them everyday:|)

You can get this at Boots, Amazon, Stila, Ulta, ASOS, Feelunique and many sites that sells it.

Do you own this palette? If not, you need it!

Thank you guys for taking the time to read ❤

Sharon xoxo



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  1. This palette looks gorgeous! I have heard so many great things about it and see it used a lot. I hope to be able to own this sometime. 🙂 xo

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