The Urban Decay Mariposa Palette|Swatches|Review


Hey beautiful! Today, I’ll be reviewing a recently acquired item from Urban Decay. It’s a beautiful eyeshadow palette which I adore. Oh my gosh! I’m so thrilled to do the color swatches and my thoughts on this eyeshadow palette.

urban decay mariposa

I admit that Urban Decay is one of my favorite high end brand when it comes to  eyeshadow palettes. Many of you might know that I’m totally addicted to eyeshadow palettes . Here I present to you, the Mariposa Palette by Urban Decay with net wt: 10 x 0.03 oz. It comes in a metal tin packaging with a hinged lid. In the palette are ten gorgeous shades of  neutral shimmer and a travel-sized eyeshadow brush. The palette is almost a perfect square with rounded edges. It looked small when I first got it, but it’s actually a perfect size!

eyeshadow palette

These are the shades included in the palette:

Top row from L-R: Rockstar (deep eggplant with metallic), Gunmetal (dark grey with silver glitter), Skimp (pale nude/beige with gold shimmer), Infamous (fuschia pink), Wreckage (shimmery dark taupe)

Bottom row from L-R:  Haight (shimmering mermaid blue), Money (silvery pale green), Mushroom (shimmering fawn), Spotlight (medium taupe with gold sparkle), and Limelight (bronze with gold glitter).

I noticed that the new shades that were included in are Infamous, Limelight, Spotlight, and Wreckage.

eyeshadow palette

You may notice that there is no mirror in this palette which is quite unusual for Urban Decay palettes. The exterior packaging is unique with an engraved butterfly and the lid shut well. The only problem I have with this palette is the interior whereby the cardboard does look a little cheap in my opinion.

mariposa shadow palette

L-R: Rockstar – Gunmetal – Skimp – Infamous – Wreckage 

L-R: Haight – Money – Mushroom – Spotlight – Limelight 

color swatches ud

The fuschia pink (Infamous on the left) and mermaid blue or teal (Haight on the right) are very bright, the others are basics and go with just about everything. Infamous and Haight are two of my favorites, it’s bright and seems to be calling to me (giggling). I guess probably because I’ve been quite influenced by the Disney Princess movie. My other favorite is Wreckage. Totally love the bronzy finish. I would say that I’m a matte type but when it comes to this gorgeous shimmery finish, I just can’t say no. I’m hooked!


Overall, they are definitely fun. There is nothing boring about this palette except the misses on spotlight and limelight.

The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented and has very beautiful shimmer without going crazily overboard. For this look, I use one eyeshadow, the Infamous on bare lids. It’s blendable and long wear. I’ve been wearing it the whole day yesterday and are very happy with the performance appearance.

So, there you have it, my first impression review on Mariposa eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. I’m satisfied and happy with the performance of this palette.  The shadow textures are quite nice and easy to blend. If you enjoy shimmery neutrals with a few bright shades, pick this up! Available at ebay online.

What do you think of this Mariposa palette? Leave your comment below. I love reading your comments.

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Thanks you for taking the time to read. See you tomorrow!!! Stay GORGEOUS 🙂

Sharon xoxo


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11 thoughts on “The Urban Decay Mariposa Palette|Swatches|Review”

  1. I love these shades! I have Skimp in my Naked 2 Basics palette which is a lovely highlight shade. You’re also lucky to have Gunmetal in there too. That is such a popular shade. Such a fun looking palette! ❤ xo

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