Wet n Wild Cruelty Free Eyeliner Pencil



Hey beauties,

Guess what I happened several days ago at Walmart? I was planning to try on the Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeliner Pencil  but since I was in a rush I accidentally picked up the Wet n Wild Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil instead. I read Color Icon and just pick it but didn’t read the shimmery part 😦 I realised it only after I tried it on.

wnw shimmer eyeliner pencil

I got mine in 154 Black with net wt: 0.03 oz for $1.87 on sale price at Walmart.

This shimmer liner is rich and creamy in formula. It glides like butter on my lash line and it blends effortlessly. But when I looked closer I noticed my eyes were shimmering. The thing is that I’ve sensitive eyes but I’m surprised that this eyeliner doesn’t irritate my eyes like some eyeliner general do especially when it comes with glitter.


If you have been following my blog, you know the meaning of the bunny logo. Yes, it means it’s Not tested on animals which translate to cruelty free. Wet n Wild is a drugstore brand which participate in the cruelty free program. This is a new formulated color icon that has such great pigmentation and is fortified with vitamin E acetate to offer long lasting color.


In this shimmer color icon eyeliner category, there are four shimmery shades available. These eyeliners are not expensive at all and work really well. The downside is there’s only a few shades to choose from and you need to sharpen this pencil.


In my opinion, I feel that the texture of this color icon liner feels like the kohl pencils which I love. And as far as the pigmentation goes, I’ll say it vary from shade to shade, for instance Black is not an intense black but soft black. But when i put it on, it feels very pigmented and creamy.

Available at any drugstores, Walmart, ebay, walgreen and Wet n Wild online website. For only less than $2.00 I think it’s extremely affordable way to experiment with colors and try some shades you wouldn’t wear. If you’re looking for an eyeliner that bedazzle your eyes without been irritated by the glitters then you’ll like this Wet n Wild Color Icon Shimmer Eyeliner ❤

Overall, I wouldn’t mind picking this Black Shimmer Eyeliner at all. I wouldn’t have pick it if it wasn’t by mistake and I’m glad I did.

Do you already own any Color icon Shimmer Eyeliners? I’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to leave your comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

Sharon xoxo






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3 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Cruelty Free Eyeliner Pencil”

  1. Very nice! I need to pick one of these up to try! I will be needing a good black eyeliner soon and I like more of a soft black then an intense one. 🙂 xo

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