Theme of May -Orange

Orange-Sharon beauty prime

The theme for this month of May calls for Orange color-toned products. Frankly speaking, I haven’t accumulated many of orange color makeup but I do have a few blushes which I love going back to. This summer is no exceptional where punchy orange will be a delight to me.

Esence Kalinka Kalinka orange

I did a review on all the blushes in my previous posts and if you like to check them out. I’ve put a link here if you like to go back to read it.

Essence Kalinka Beauty Blush in East Side Story is of an orangey warm undertoned. It has soft and smooth texture and it blends beautifully. There are some shimmer in this formula and the finishing touch is amazing. Great color payoff and a little goes a long way. Oh my gosh! I just love this cute packaging.

revlon coral revlon coral blush

Revlon Powder Blush with Brush in Classy Coral. This shade has warm undertoned and it’s in an orange-coral tone which I find it to be a very pretty shade. The texture is silky smooth and it blends well. The pigmentation is awesome. This blush gives a silky dewy finish look.

maybelline bouncy cream maybelline bouncy orange

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Coffee Cake is a little dark peachy orange tone which is a gorgeous shade for summer. This is a cream blush that will outlast other powder blushes on a hot summer day. This shade is not as bright as the Kalinka or Revlon but you’ll love the appearance it gives. On me, it shows some tan-ny orange look which is perfect for summer.

coor swatches

I did some color swatches of the three blushes from my left is Dream Bouncy, Revlon and Kalinka for you to compare. The pigmentations are incredible and in a hot sunny weather you definitely need orange to cool down the temperature (okay, now I’m thinking of getting a glass of orange juice since I’ve been talking nothing else but orange, lol).

Orange is so fresh looking

So, what do you think of these blushes? Leave your comment on the section below. Oh yes, you can also follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram and bloglovin’ ❤

Thank you for stopping by. Stay beautiful!

Sharon xoxo

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13 thoughts on “Theme of May -Orange”

  1. I wished I could have found the essence Kalinka blush here, but their limited editions are so hard to find. I love peach and coral makeup, perfect for summer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Allison for your comment. I got mine from Shoppers if that helps to narrow your finding. Sometimes you can find hidden gems at a drugstore. I too want to grab a few more of Kalinka since I love the shade a lot 🙂 Absolutely, peach and coral are fun colors for summer 🙂


    1. Yes, it is really a pretty blush and I love it. I’m glad to hear that you’ll be looking for this Kalinka blush. It’s a rare gem now and I really hope you’ll find it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


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