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it cosmetics

I have been wanting to try this it Cosmetics CC+ cream since I first heard it from some youtube beauty gurus raving about it. I’m curious to try it out myself if the chance permitted and as a matter of fact, I did want to have it in my summer makeup essential. I was ecstatic when I got a sample tube in my Ipsy glam bag. Yay!!! To subscribe just hit click on the link “Ipsy” for $10 monthly subscription.

it cc cream

The shade I got is in Medium and the net wt: 0.135 fl oz. The size is as big as a Mama finger (taken from children finger song). I love the toothpaste tube packaging idea. It’s easy to use and with the pointy head on the tube it controls the cream from oozing out too much. The plastic tube is transparent and hence making selecting the right shade a breeze ❤

cc cream spf 50+

In the packaging, it Cosmetics claim that this CC+ cream contains SPF 50+ UVA protection which is chemical free sunscreen and paraben free.

Well, you probably know all the alphabetic face cream right from BB cream to EE cream but let me briefly explain what is CC cream then. CC cream stands for Color Control or Color Correcting cream and its function is to simply reduce the uneven skin tone or skin redness. Many claims that BB cream and CC cream are tinted moisturizers containing sun protection. In my opinion, CC cream is more of a new and an improved BB cream with a much higher UVA protection.

it cc cream formula

I feel that this CC cream is lighter than a BB cream. The consistency of this formula is perfect to be applied on the area that you needed it most. On top of that, it has an amazing smell to it and the texture blend beautifully to hide the skin imperfection.

So far, after a week of trying it out, I’m satisfied with the performance and it doesn’t cause any breakout whatsoever. It hides the redness beside my nose area and the pigmentation is incredible. All you need is a little formula and a little goes a long way. Anyways, I’m going to continue to wear this for awhile to see if there is any difference or changes to report back later.

it cc cream color swatch (2)

Hopefully this color swatch picture gives you a good look of the shade and consistency. There are five shades available from lightest to medium to tan and dark rich shades to choose from. Selling online at it Cosmetics for $38.00 a tube.

Overall, I’m happy with this CC+ cream and the appearance it gives on my makeup look. Will I purchase a regular size tube this summer. You bet I will (giggling)!.

Well, that’s it for my take on today’s CC+ cream and until next time, stay beautiful.

Have you tried it cosmetics’ lately? If yes which product did you picked?

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo

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18 thoughts on “it Cosmetics CC+ & SPF 50+ |Ipsy Glam Bag”

  1. IT Cosmetics CC Cream is one of my absolute favorites. I have it in Fair & Light so I’m glad I didn’t get the medium in my ipsy bag! I agree the 50+ SPF rocks!

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    1. Thank you Jamie for your comment. IT CC cream is amazing and it gives good coverage. First time user and I’m loving it. Do you know if you’ll get it in your ipsy bag? xo


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