My Blog Has Been Nominated For 2X Sunshine Awards



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by source


I’ve been nominated by two amazing beauty friends to receive these Sunshine Awards. I’m pleasantly surprised to be honoured with these awards and I want to thank Katie from Plus+beauty and Stash Matters for nominating me. Katie has nominated me with this award like 2 weeks ago but it was kept on the backburner (sorry about that Katie) I just have too much on my plate and I really want to find the right time to do my very best in answering all these questions. Several days ago, I was again nominated by Stash Matters for the same award. So, finally the best time has come and I’m going to do a combine answers to both your nominations into one long-winded post 🙂 I suggest you bring some tea and cookies for this tea party 😀

The Rules

• Thank the person who nominated you
• Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
• Nominate a few other bloggers
• Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated
• Notify the bloggers on their blog
• Put the award button on your blog

Question from Plus+Beauty 

1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
My favorite ice flavor is mocha and vanilla. 

2. What TV shows have you been completely obsessed with lately?
I don’t watch very much TV shows so zero obsession in this category 

3. How would you describe your style?
My style is both casual and formal. I love wearing just an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt on weekends and more sophisticated and formal when it comes to serious matters 

4. What is a major pet peeve of yours?
Not so long ago, was at a walk-in clinic for follow up check. Went to their washroom and as I opened the door I found someone’s poop floating in the bowl. Ok, I know that’s disgusting. Bleh!!! Don’t people clean up their business anymore? 

5. What is your biggest accomplishment?
Hmm… I have more than 200 followers in my blog and counting. I wouldn’t have come this far without all of your support and encouragement and  believe you guys are apart of my biggest accomplishment. Thank you all so so much<3 

6. What do you like about yourself, both physically and in terms of personality/traits?
Physically, I love my height and all that are attached to it. In terms of traits, I learn to love my neighbor and I’m a good listener.

7. What food can you not live without?
I was going to say water but then since you’re asking about food then I’ll have to say rice. Yup, I’m a rice person and I love eggs.

Questions from Stash Matters:

1. What’s your favourite cartoon show? I love Spirited Away and all the Japanese anime movies from Hayao Miyazaki. I also enjoy Disney movies from Mulan to Lion King! 

2. Where was the last place you visited / vacationed? The last place of vacation will be Singapore. Went to their night zoo and also had my feet bitten by the little fish (feet spa treatment) where there are like hundreds of little fish in the pool and they get the indulgence of snacking on the death skin from the feet. Yup… scary at first but you’ll get use to it (hahaha!) 

3. What’s your signature phrase / saying? That’s okay!

4. Your favourite dessert? Cheesecake or creme brulee. Hey, what can I say, they’re delicious. Yum! 

5. Least favourite chore? I dislike cleaning up the mess or tidying up.  

6. What’s your favourite eyeliner? I used to love my Stila Smudge Eyeliner Pencil which I still use but ever since I tried Bellapierre Gel Eyeliner Pencil, I’m hooked with this one for now.

7. Do you eat the red ones last? Used to eat the red ones last but not anymore. I must have moved to the next level already. Growing Old 😦 

So, here are my questions to my nominees.

1) What would be your favorite summer colors this year?

2) Which one makeup product that you cannot leave without when packaging for vacation?

3)  Describe yourself if 5 lovely words

4) Do you cook or eat out on weekends?

5) Share in picture how your makeup vanity looks like

6) Where is your favorite place to spend your vacation?

7) Which high end makeup brands did you feel underrated on youtube?

And the nominees for this awards are:-


annie’s beauty


blush and bronzer



elle kae  

So, spread the sunshine and enjoy 😀 . Thanks again to Plus+Beauty and Stash Matters.

Sharon xoxo



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Hi Everyone, I'm Sharon! I'm obsessed with makeup and addicted to shopping. I love testing and reviewing beauty products and decided to translate my passion into writing blog posts to be shared with you guys. Enjoy reading! xoxo

4 thoughts on “My Blog Has Been Nominated For 2X Sunshine Awards”

  1. Congrats and thanks for answering the questions!
    Oh I’m so jealous that you went to Singapore. I really want to visit there but the boy has already been – I just have to go myself! 😛
    And I LOVE Spirited Away. I’ve asked the boy for the blu ray when it comes out which is this month, I think.
    Isn’t Bellapierre one of those mineral places in the mall – they always try to get me to come over to talk to them! Annoying.
    Ewww… people who don’t flush toilets in public restrooms are horrible! Didn’t their moms teach them anything?!
    You love your height – that’s amazing – how tall are you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Than you and welcome, hun. Singapore is a lovely place to visit even by yourself. Many speaks english and you really got to watch spirited away. IMO it’s better than howl moving castle but I want you to watch it first and tell me what u think. Haha! I can’t confirm if the same Bellapierre but they have a store in Ontario. I’m 5ft 6″ average height I assume 🙂


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