St Tropez Instant Glow by Ipsy Glam Bag|Review





I got this from my Ipsy May Glam Bag and remember I old you that I’m excited to try it out? Well, today I’m going to talk all about this wash off Instant Glow Body Lotion by St Tropez. It’s now retail for $9.00 (regular [rice $18.00) a tube. Net wt: 50 ml.


St Tropez claim that this lightweight cream simply smoothes on to give you an instant, even, beautifully golden tan that will wash off whenever you choose.  If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to get your golden tan in an instant, this body lotion is calling for you.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, on to the practical part.


Left leg without the Instant Glow Body lotion yet.


I just simply dab a few spots of the lotion on my leg and blend them evenly. The color look bronzy gold and the smell is amazing. I simply smooth them from top to toe using my palms or you can use a latex gloves.


In an instant, you get a golden tan glow just seconds upon application. My left leg is with the Instant Glow while the right leg is without the tanning lotion. Here is the result of just a slight dapping lotion which actually works so well. I’m truly impressed!


So, if you’re thinking of getting your tan in an instant but don’t have time to go for tanning spa or self tanning which takes 1-2 hours. Bring this bad boy out and apply it like you mean it. The result is a satisfactory good looking and glowing tan that all will envy.

Best part is that it’s easily washable with just water. It doesn’t contain tanning agent. How cool is that! I highly recommend this to my family and friends. And yes, I will repurchase once I’ve finish this tube. By the way, getting tan doesn’t seems to be that hard afterall 😀

Why wait for summer when you can get your tan today! Head over to your nearest drugstore or St Tropez online website to order.

Thank you as usual for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo


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7 thoughts on “St Tropez Instant Glow by Ipsy Glam Bag|Review”

  1. I got it in my ipsy bag too, and before writing my ipsy bag post I tried it out on one leg and I was really impressed as well. I usually hate and avoid self-tanners. I am definitely planning to use it this summer.

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