Drugstore Madness Wednesday|Joe Fresh Eye Palette

If you read my last week’s post, I did a Friday Makeup Haul with Joe Fresh products and click here to read my full review. Otherwise continue reading below …

Joe Fresh is a Canadian clothing brand exclusive to Loblaws (a retail grocery store in Canada) and they’ve make their mark in recent years and have been expanding from clothing to beauty. Sources says that Joe Fresh makeup brand will be hitting all drugstores in Canada by 2016 but as of now you can find their products at Loblaws and Maxi (subsidiary to Loblaws Ltd) under this flag name.

taken from joe fresh
taken from joe fresh

Anyways, let’s get the ball rolling for our weekly Drugstore Madness Wednesday. I was back for more of the Joe Fresh’s makeup products and lucky for me I saw a couple of products that were a great deal and here is what I want to share my review on. Today, I’ll be talking on just one item I picked up and the others will be posted in the coming weeks.

joe fresh trio shadows

So, here is Joe Fresh Eye Palette in Hypnoticeye regular price $12.00 and guess how much I paid for this one. $2.94! That’s an amazing steal! But on the other hand, I got to kick myself on the back since I paid a full price for the same palette earlier on. Oh well, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, fact of life – what can I say! 😛

Inside this palette you got three beautiful eyeshadows, a mini eye pencil in Black and a brush applicator. There is a stripe of mirror in the cover and the packaging is very nice for a drugstore brand.

color swatch joe fresh

The shades in Hypnoticeye consists of Plum and Brown color toned which have matte finishing and the Champagne color is rich with glitters as a highlighter. The formula is impressively pigmented. It’s goes on smoothly and these shades are so pretty to work on. It blends very well and the color stay all day.

brush - liner

Next thing to talk is the eye pencil in this palette. It’s buttery smooth and it glides like butter. I really like the size of this pencil for it’s easier to control when it’s short. But that’s just me and you can find a standard eye pencil at any Joe Fresh counters.


I’m wearing the shades today. The Plum shadow I used on my lids and the Brown color for my crease and the Champagne for highlighter. Hope you guys like it 😀

The brush applicator is decent and does its job nicely. It’s almost the same size as the mini eye pencil.

*US readers can find Joe Fresh at six locations in New York; select Joe Fresh items are also available at more than 650 JC Penny stores 

So there you have it, another week of the Drugstore Madness Wednesday great steal and until next week, stay beautiful for another great deal ❤

Have you heard of Joe Fresh makeup brand? What do you think of this eye palette? I love to hear your comments on the section below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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  1. I have seen Joe Fresh featured a couple times on your blog. I really like this eyeshadow palette. Joe Fresh is not a brand I am familiar with. I am going to check on Amazon for Joe Fresh. Hopefully it will not be too terribly overpriced.

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