Nail Polish by Joe Fresh

nail polish by joe fresh

I mentioned in my makeup haul last week that I’ll be doing reviews on some of the products that I hauled and to try them to do the reviews. So, I picked this nail polish since I’m excited to try it out. You can check my previous makeup haul at the link here.


Here is the nail polish by Joe Fresh and it’s in the shade Maple or in french erable. I really like the short bottle packaging of this nail polish.

joe fresh - sharon beauty prime

The brush applicator is just too cute and it’s easy to apply on fingers. The formula is not too thick and for me the consistency is just nice.

I tried wearing it on first coat and I notice that the texture is not very opaque. I personally go for two coats and you can layer another coat if you like.

The picture shown is with two coats and it looks much better. It dries up quickly and it has a shinny finish. I have been wearing this Maple for 5 days now and they’re still looking decent except around the edges but no chipping whatsoever. So, I’m happy with that:)

It’s available online at Joe Fresh and at Canadian Superstores, Loblaws and Joe Fresh New York City store outlets with many more color selections.

What do you think of this nail polish?

Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo

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Hi Everyone, I'm Sharon! I'm obsessed with makeup and addicted to shopping. I love testing and reviewing beauty products and decided to translate my passion into writing blog posts to be shared with you guys. Enjoy reading! xoxo

24 thoughts on “Nail Polish by Joe Fresh”

  1. It looks both kind of sheer and kind of jelly-ish. I think it’s a good look, and the shade is unique. I wish we had Joe Fresh here. Some of the clothing looks like fun, and the prices are great 🙂

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    1. Thank you Allison for your comment. I think so too that the shade is unique and nice. Yes, Joe Fresh has very nice and affordable clothing line. Starting next year, their beauty line will be available on drugstore shelves namely Shoppers’ Drugs Mart 🙂 xx


  2. I always wear 2 coats for nail polishes… it’s really rare that nail polishes are 1 coaters!
    This is an ugly / interesting shade though – quite unique. Joe Fresh changed their nail polish caps so the white part comes off to reveal a skinny handle – I think that’s easier to hold:


  3. I am sorry that this polish has sweet name but its a ugly/interesting brown color unless you place colorful nail art leaf stickers on top! The color alone is just screaming MUD, Dirty MUD 😦

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty


    1. Sorry to hear that you dislike this color. I agree placing some nail art will help distract the color. I love the cute packaging and it’s my first time picking this color 🙂


  4. Hey Sharon do you have an affiliated link for Joe Fresh? I would like to try these products and you may as well make the commission. I absolutely love what I have seen of this brand.

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    1. Sorry Tee. I’m not affiliated with Joe Fresh. I’m very happy to hear that you love and would try out this brand ❤ xoxo I'm just sharing my love of this product brand 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment Laura. The color looks unique in the bottle and the name sounds sweet but it doesn’t perform as good on nails 😦 I’ll keep it for next season xoxo


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