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Hey gorgeous! How is it going? Today, I’ll be just talking about this Shadow Crayon by TreStique. I got this cute mini product in my Ipsy June Glam Bag and if you like to read my unbagging, simply click here.

To be honest, I haven’t heard of this brand before and there were some interesting cosmetic brands with amazing quality out there and until today I’m hooked to my Ipsy monthly beauty bag. I find that it’s cool to be opened for an opportunity to try new products from different brands which you might not be able to find depending on where you live. Right! So, cool concept! Thumbs up Ipsy! For beginners or newcomers to my blog, if you want to learn more about their beauty subscription, I’ll put a link below.

Okay, enough of my rambling, let’s get started :-

shadow crayon

If you have heard of TreStique, please leave your comment below! Sorry, I sort of jump before the cart, but that’s how excited I am about this brand.

I got mine in Venetian Gold net wt: 0.02 oz and there must be like six other pretty shades. Online $26.00 for regular size shadow pencil that comes with a shadow smudger. As a sample from Ipsy, we got the top portion of this bad boy. Here is the picture from TreStique website to share how the actual shadow crayon is.

photo from TreStique
photo from TreStique

This is a rounded smudger made of synthetic rubber and it’s replaceable as needed according to their website for $5.

eye makeup look trestique

On first swatch I was blown away by the formula. It’s super smooth and highly pigmented that I just wished that you can do the color swatch here with me. It’s super blendable and the creamy texture is just freaking amazing. It glides like a dream and with no fall out fuss at all. You can wear it alone as a shadow but I prefer to wear it as a base shadow and finish it by applying them on the center of my eye lids to make it look more pop. For this look, I’m wearing the eyeshadow from The Blushed Nudes palette. I really love this shade combined with my bronzy eye look that I wore yesterday. It lasted for a good 3-4 hours but not 12 hours as claimed on their website.

In my opinion, this is an incredible concept of a shadow crayon and I love the formula and pigmentation but the downside is the price which I find them to be on a steep side.

I think this is a good product but considering the high price, I honestly don’t see myself repurchasing it.

Lastly, here is the link to ipsy if you’re interested to join for $10/month subscription.

Anyways, hope you like and enjoy this review and click like and comment below.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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17 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag Review – Shadow Crayon”

  1. I got the “pink” one but it’s not really pink. I had high hopes for it but it doesn’t really show up much on its own, so I use it as a base and like you, I’ve tried using it for a bit of pop but it still doesn’t show up. So I think I wish I got a different shade

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    1. The color payoff is not as great compared to other eye crayon but the texture is impressively smooth. Using it as a base helps shadows stay put. Sorry to hear that the shade doesn’t work on you!


    1. You’re welcome Sharon. 🙂 Kona Coffee is nice though it’s kind of dark to use for an eyeshadow for me lol. I love coffee too!! lol 😀 xo

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  2. I didn’t really get a chance to use mine except my swatch for my post but I have been loving these types of fatty pencils this summer for a sprig of color as a liner. I love this metalicy color, too!

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