Drugstore Madness Wednesday|Quo Back To Basics Eyeshadow Palette


Quo Back to basics palette

I’m an eyeshadow palette junkies, and I’m not going to hide it. I got to admit that I’m super obsessed with eyeshadow palettes.

So, today, I’ll be sharing with you another new brand which caught my eyes at Shoppers Drug Mart ( Canadian drugstore). I love this palette! It was re-released again this year as part of the Quo Holiday 2013 collection and I bought mine like just recently. Regular price was $25.00 but I got this for a special discount. Uh huh! I paid $15.00 only for this bad boy! I’m grinning from ear to ear 😀  Absolutely love, love the price but let’s get down to business … inside the palette, whahaha!

qua eyeshadow palette

This Quo Back to Basics Eyeshadow Palette contains 12 gradient eyeshadow shades including light, neutral and darker, smokey shades along with a full-size eyeshadow brush. Does this palette reminds you of any high end ones? I’ll review the answer below for this palette could be a dupe. Continue reading …


The packaging is of cardboard material but sturdy. I like the pattern on this year’s palette better, still gold, still beautiful but not too busy and more elegant. It also has a magnetic closure with a decent size mirror inside. Net wet: 12 x 1g = 12g. It has a clear plastic film placed on top of the eyeshadows, taped down on three sides. This will help avoid testing/ contamination, which is always a plus.

the brush

The brush fluffy, thicker and soft. It works well for packing on eyeshadows. Black handle, with gold ferule. A small detail but I think Quo should put its brand logo on the handles of these brushes, making them look more professional and with brush numbers. That would be cool!!!

quo palette

The shadows are lovely and pigmented, and are also pretty and wearable shades that would suit everyone. The shades are so wearable or versatile.

UD vs Qua palettes

I honestly love it! Its very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette, but half the price. It features very similar colors as the Naked Palette. The Quo shadows have a great texture. They wear very well and blend nicely. All of the shadows have great pigmentation, especially the darker shadows.

UD naked palettenaked palette by UD

Since I’ve my beloved Urban Decay Naked |Palette, |I’m going to show you the comparison between these two palettes and I’ll tell you if this Quo could be a dupe for the Naked |Palette at the end of this post.

Above is the Urban Decay Naked Palette with the color swatches on my bare hand. That’s right, not on any primer just naked. What you see is what you get! It’s my most favorite eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay.

Naked vs Quo

Thought you guys want to know how close it is to Urban Decay Naked palette, so let’s get to it.

Here they are, Naked on the top and Back to Basics on the bottom. First glance, they are very close except for Toasted (fourth shade in from the right) looking a little lighter than the shade from Quo. The size of both palettes and colors are so closely similar. The order of the shadow placements in the palette and even the shadow brush. Whoa! Too much insanity here, right now! But you still haven’t seen the color swatches yet. Scroll down below.


Oh yeah! Now what do you think? Can you spot the difference?

light shades palette

I don’t know about you but I can’t tell them apart except at closed-up or on swatches. Even though I know that Quo makes good eyeshadows but I am still impressed to see how smooth these applied and how similar they are to their Naked counterparts.

darker shade palette

The texture of this Quo is freaking amazing. It’s buttery soft and so smooth. Blends so ell and live the soft shimmery finish. It has 4 matte shades in this palette which is pretty awesome!

color satches comparison

Here are the color swatches on bare arm as usual. Amazing pigmentation on both palettes. I did not experience any chalky texture or fallout from either palette. OMG! I got so giddy while swatching, I couldn’t stop smiling. I love Quo!

light shades swatches

Lighter shades comparison and the darker 6 down below. The lighter shades you could definitely use them as highlighter or on your inner corner wherelse the darker shades are more my go to colors for nude, dramatic and smokey eyes.

darker shades swatches

As suspected, Toasted UD swatched (on the left) has a darker bronze while the Quo shade showed up as a lighter bronze. The other three follow most of the pairs compared above: dupes head on! In fact, I think the Quo shade that is paired with Gunmetal might actually more pigmented.

ud nakedquo eyeshadow look

You can easily create casual looks , as well as beautiful soft cut crease. The top picture I’m wearing the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the one below is Quo Back To Basics Palette. Can you spot any difference whether it’s a high end product or a drugstore brand?

I would absolutely recommend this palette to anyone! It’s a great value , and an overall great product. Note that the palette is Limited Edition, as part of the holiday collection which you can still find some at some local Shoppers Drug Mart. Head over there today and grab this while it lasts.

This palette is good for beginners or for collectors considering the price of $25.00 compared to Urban Decay which is $60.00. And, it’s not a must have if you already have Naked Palette. Let’s just say this is a budget friendly alternative 🙂

I love to hear what you think of this palette if you have tried them before and share your comments down below.

Thank you for taking your time to read. Truly appreciate it.

Sharon xoxo


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24 thoughts on “Drugstore Madness Wednesday|Quo Back To Basics Eyeshadow Palette”

  1. The dark shades look quite similar, the light ones not so much because the pigmentation isn’t there. But for so much less $$, it looks worth it. Now you’ve got both. Which will you use??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Both palettes look similar on pan but on swatches I agree that the lighter shades weren’t much of a dupe except on the darker shades. Thanks so much for noticing Allison. I love both palettes and I’ll go by rotation 🙂


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