Question Tuesday! How Long Does Your Look Last?

how long wiil your look last

Welcome back to Question Tuesday. I’m so excited  to share with you some of the techniques that would help. So, I just want to just jump right into this week’s question.

Q: How long does your look last?

A: Here are 3 makeup techniques to transform your day look for a sultry makeup for a Summer Night.

1) Wet Looking Lips – A nude face save for mascara and a shiny pop of pigment on the pout is easy and wearable for a steamy summer evening — even post-pool.

The key to rocking glossy, wet-looking lips (all while preserving the colour) is all in the order of application.

2) Metallic Smokey Eyes – One of the very best summer looks ever is a softly defined gold, bronze or silver lid and mega mascara. I actually like skipping liner with this look in favour of an elongated wash of shadow to simulate a subtler cat-eye effect. Gold and bronze shades look divine on green or blue eyes, while silver immensely flatters brown or hazel eyes. Try CoverGirl’s Bombshell Shineshadow by Lashblast

3) Blue Hues – Whether you loved the ‘80s or not, blue (and green) eyeshadow offer a calming yet dramatic effect. When you’re fresh out of the sun and transforming for an evening out, consider adding a little blue.

There are many ways to rock some azure-inspired summer looks:

  • You can opt for a streak of colour either on the top or bottom lash line with a good eye pencil.
  • A concentrated application of shadow up to the crease of the eye is beautiful. Try CoverGirl Flamed out Shadow Pot in Sapphire Flare to achieve this look.
  • Last, a coloured mascara in teal alone or paired with a black-lined eye will make your eyes sparkle in the twilight.

What makeup looks are you wearing for these steamy summer nights?

Hope you find this techniques helpful and interesting. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo

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