Switch up your summer look to a fabulous fall


As the seasons change, your beauty routine should too. It’s time to swap out some of your summertime favourites, like bright lips and bronzed shadows, for a cooler look. Don’t forget about changing up your skin, hair and style routine, too! Here’s how to transition your head-to-toe look just in time for fall.

I got to stop rambling for it’s almost fall already … let’s dive straight in:

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Okay guys, let’s admit that we had a great summer doing outdoor activities, swimming by the pool, camping in the woods, vacationing, partying with family and friends right! Well, if you’re like me and have been using a foaming or gel cleanser all summer, it’s time now to switch to a more Nourishing Cream Cleanser. Your skin becomes drier in the fall, so you’ll need extra moisture. If you use a face moisturizer with SPF — keep it!

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Just like your skin, your hair dries out as the air gets cooler and less humid. Plus, with all the swimming and sunbathing this summer, your hair took a beating. I just picked up the Aussie Moist Shampoo and Conditioner that is to moisture what your hair craves.

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Eyes: As far as shadows go, tuck away your gold and bronze colours. try soft purple, plum, olive or even lavender are a great way to brighten up your eyes without looking too dramatic unless you’re up for smokey look.

Lips: Let us be reminded that bright colours are not a fall essential. I suggest bringing dark colours back into your makeup collection: Deep berries, reds and dark purples are best suited for the fall season and will bring warmth to your look.

Face: Your tan will fade away, so make sure to adjust the colour of your foundation and other cosmetics as your skin tone changes. It’s essential to wear the right shades of face products.

Nails: Bid farewell to your whites and brights. Your nails don’t have to be traditionally neutral, of course, but a minimalist manicure is best for fall. I love to bring out my taupe, plum and gothic shades out for Halloween.

What changes do you make to your routine once fall rolls around? Let me know on the comment section below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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