Question Tuesday! Beauty Products You Regret Buying

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Happy Tuesday Everyone! Welcome back to Question Tuesday. It’s September and yes, we got a lot of makeup that we purchased and tried but let me know if there is any particular makeup or beauty products which you regret buying.

Q: Let me know recently what are the one or many things that you’re so disappointed with or regret buying, like in a product?

Q: Would you return it, throw it out the window, continue using or store it at the back burner? Which personality type are you?

Let’s hear it from you on the comment section below.

This is all in for good fun!

Thank you very much for stopping by and I’ll see you next time. Stay beautiful!

Sharon xoxo

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16 thoughts on “Question Tuesday! Beauty Products You Regret Buying”

  1. I’m in the midst of writing a “Products I regret” and one of the items is the Physician’s Formula mascara in big fancy tube. Ugh, I heard so many raves for it but that thing is horrendous – clumpy and it runs at the SLIGHTEST hint of moisture. I tossed it. But I was an idiot and bought a bonus pack so it came with TWO mascaras (because I was SURE I would love it?) so now I have to figure out who to give the other one to… I think in the end I’ll also toss it out. What a waste.

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  2. I have tons of products I regret! Some I return, some I throw away after years of hoarding lol and then others I force myself to use because I hate wasting the money I spent on them! I’ll be doing a declutter soon and I’m sure it will be hard but there is just no sense in holding on to things that are just plain crap.

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  3. You know, it’s going to sound weird but I bought a few OPI nail polishes and hated all of them. They chipped right away! I was so upset because everyone always says such positive things about that brand too.

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    1. I find that I can get the same quality of OPI from certain Sally Hensen, Revlon, and Loreal nailpolishes. And I don’t mind QUO Opi cuz it’s tiny and cheaper and I never use the whole nail polish anyways. But I certainly don’t ever spend that much on a nail polish (OPI) and I don’t feel that I even need to. Drugstore ones are just as good! And they’re always even cheaper on sale to boot.

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  4. I’ve actually had plenty of cosmetic items recently that I didn’t like. I won’t say what they are specifically, they aren’t bad in themselves, just not for me personally. And I have done all three! The foundations I took back to the store, I found ones that I really do like (Loreal Infallible and Essence Stay Matte) and I don’t see the need for keeping these others even remotely. However, I bought some NYX blushes and a powder eyeliner, and they didn’t work so good (my skin is too oily). But I kept them. I did think about returning them. Instead, I put the eyeliner in my purse to take with me everywhere (and i’ve been liking it actually) and the blushes I tried again and now I like them! LOL. But price point also factors in to returning. If it’s from Sephora and I don’t like it, I definitely take it back! When I bought a bunch of uber cheap makeup (hard candy, essence) and I didn’t like some of it, at that price point, I will just leave it on the back burner lol. It’s no loss. Especially since I also got some really lovely gems from them both in the same haul! Win win as far as I’m concerned 😀

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