Hardy Candy Fierce Effects Eyeshadow


Beauty products just pop up every single day. With Holidays approaching just few months from now, the Beauty market is flooding with lovely gift sets and palettes. Since it’s Hard Candy‘s 24th Anniversary, I couldn’t pass on these single pretty eyeshadow pots which I had my eyes on since it was released.

In case you are new to Hard Candy beauty products, allow me to briefly explain that this brand is exclusive only to Walmart. So, if you’re interested to try them, visit your nearest Walmart Beauty section.

I picked up the New Fierce Effects Eyeshadow in 899 Lost & Found. Available in five intense color at Walmart on Hard Candy online. A Hot Pink and Blackened Purple. Apparently, these are supposed to be a dupe for L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. 

Packaging wise, these are lovely. They’re sturdy, easy to open, easy to close, stay closed, and have a classic, simple look to them.

Texture is great. The loose powder is soft and creamy, easily picked up on a sponge-tip or brush.

On color swatch you can see the beautiful pearly shimmer on both the shadows. It feels smooth to touch and highly pigmented. But just like some shimmery formula, I noticed some sparkle fall out but the good point is that blends beautifully. Color pay-off is amazing. These things are seriously pigmented. On top of a primer, they pop even more. You can sheer them out or pack them on.

Go see it in person !!! Photos will never do it justice!

Overall, wonderful eyeshadows, the price is amazing. I can’t recommend these enough!

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



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Hey Sharonoox

Hi Everyone, I'm Sharon! I'm obsessed with makeup and addicted to shopping. I love testing and reviewing beauty products and decided to translate my passion into writing blog posts to be shared with you guys. Enjoy reading! xoxo

22 thoughts on “Hardy Candy Fierce Effects Eyeshadow”

  1. I still haven’t tried any Hard Candy makeup since they left the department stores though I look at them every time I go to Walmart. Now I’ll check ’em out again for holiday stuff

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  2. These totally look like the L’Oreal Infallibles! Do you find they perform the same? It’s nice if Hard Candy offers colours that L’Oreal doesn’t current offer – it’s like doubling the colour selection! 😛

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