Wordless Wednesday | Birthday Treats


I raved previously in the Wordless Wednesday post about this breakfast and brunch restaurant called “Coco Frutti”. I’ll put a link here in case you like to check it out. So, my family and I love the food and the ambience and without hesitation we went there again for a special occasion. It was my daughter’s birthday and we know she loves the food there too.

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The food was unmistakably delicious coupled with very friendly waitress and crew. They’re all smiley and polite. Now this is a restaurant that I’ll go every time I got the chance. I’m very happy to find this place and it’s going to be our place to meet over breakfast or brunch.

I thought of sharing this special occasion with you guys. If you happen to be visiting Quebec Canada, go and check out this place. See for yourself and experience first hand and let me know what you think. This Coco Frutti is located in Vaudreuil and here is the website for your easy reference.

My daughter was pleasantly surprised when the whole crew came out with a cake and singing. It’s a small celebration but we feel the atmosphere lighten up with other patrols singing alone. I think that’s one of the best gift of all to see her happy face and also her surprised look. Lol!

It’s a wonderful experience if you guys happened to read this. Thank you!

For the rest of you who is in town, head over to Coco Frutti. Don’t take my word for it. You gotta try the food yourself ❤

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you’re feeling hungry, these food must be Yummy!.

Thank you for stopping by and check back for another post. Stay tuned!

Sharon xoxo




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20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday | Birthday Treats”

  1. Wow this is so overwhelming, we do love our jobs at Coco Frutti. I was really please to see this post and I would like to say that we have a wonderful team and I love waking up to go to work now. Everyone is so funny, smiley and always in a good mood. The customer are so amazing too, always down for a laugh and have small talk with us! The food is amazing of course! It’s a pleasure and hope to see you again Sharon Neoh, I hope the rest of her birthday was amazing.

    Xox Sophia (waitress)

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    1. Awe thank you so much Sophia for stopping by and comment. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed this post.You will see us again next time for sure. She really enjoys her birthday and the cake 🙂 It was a very nice gesture from everyone last weekend. You guys are awesome! Keep up wih the good work. xo


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