QUESTION TUESDAY| What’s Your “Sweat Pants” Eyeshadow?


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Welcome to the weekly Question Tuesday that I’m so pleased to inform you it has been a success thanks to fellow beauty fanatics who share and connect the same passion of BEAUTY!  So, a big thanks to all of you for making Question Tuesday possible!

In honor to this thanksgiving celebration for our US friends, here is my question this week.

Q:  What’s Your “Sweat Pants” Eyeshadow? 
In other words, what’s the eyeshadow you reach for when you want something that’s low maintenance, reliable, and comfy?

Don’t forget to leave your comments below and connect. I really really love to hear your comments. I appreciate each comment. Until then, see you all back next week 🙂

December is going to be a fun month where I’ll be doing a month of blog collaborations with some of my good friends. If you like to know more what’s on schedule, tune back next Tuesday at 11.00am ❤ Share the love of thanksgiving.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.
by source
by source  – Happy Thanksgiving week to all friends! ❤

Sharon xoxo


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8 thoughts on “QUESTION TUESDAY| What’s Your “Sweat Pants” Eyeshadow?”

    1. Thanks love for commenting.Ok (I’m lazy) so sometimes sweatpants is my to reach for at home. I’m wearing it now LOL! I need to try more eye crayons – agreed that they’re quick and easy 😉


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