QUO Smokey Eyes Eyeshadow Palette



First of all let me say, I absolutely love the QUO Eyeshadow Palettes. So much that I’ve been considering what other eye makeup looks I have tried that I can use this palette with. As you can tell if you’ve been following my blog post, eyeshadow is my territory (I don’t mean to brag!). I’m an eyeshadow junkie! Throw in a matte and I am totally sold.:D


I like the black paper envelope to keep the palette from scratches and fingerprint smudges. The picture is gorgeous and so is the thin metal palette inside. The size is perfect for travel, does not take up much space at all.


Behind this paper envelope you will find a list of the color shadows.


I love this sleek metal case packaging and I feel that these overall are great matte eyeshadows. I would boast them as an amazing palette. Correct me if I’m wrong! I think everyone is a little tired of the cardboard packaging, so to have the brand step it up and give us some luxury, was a very welcomed change! There is a lot of newness that make me super excited, so let’s jump right in!


Quo Smokey Eyeshadow Palette is available at Shoppers Drug Mart for $25.00 with net wt: 8 x 1.4g or at Pharmaprix (SDM is the name in Quebec)

Inside the palette are 8 matte eyeshadows pan that can make your hearts melt. There is a full size mirror on the lid and two double ended sponge applicators. I love the layout of  these color selections from light, midtone to dark shades.


This is a predominantly light palette, with only a few darker shades. It has a mix of mostly pink and brown in this palette.


Look at these colors! I’m in serious love here.

Quo matte eyeshadow palette


I just wanted to point it out that Quo eyeshadows are excellent quality for their price (which is a bit higher than other drugstore brands). But if you just feel the texture, the powder was so finely milled, it literally feels smooth to the touch. And they feel very soft and smooth on the eyes.


They have great staying power and don’t crease on the lid. I like the texture, blendability, and feel is right up my alley.


My only complaint is that when swatching this palette, I wasn’t overly impressed at the bare skin results as shown below. This palette definitely needs primer, particularly for these matte shades. And that black is just sad, which makes me sad since I know QUO can do a great black shadow.


Anyways, I tried them on the crease over the eye base and I’m pleased with the performance (the smokey eye makeup look would be available on my facebook and twitter posts). Don’t forget to connect!

All in all, this matte beauty met my expectation of a smokey palette. If neutral matte are your colour, definitely check it out next time Quo products are on sale 🙂 I recommend waiting for these to go on sale, as they periodically do. They’re well worth a try. Another drawback is that you can only get them at Shoppers!!!

What have you guys pick up lately for your Holiday Giveaway ? Don’t forget to leave your comments down below.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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16 thoughts on “QUO Smokey Eyes Eyeshadow Palette”

  1. You should just rename your blog to Sharon’s Palettes. 😛 You’ve featured palettes almost every day lol.
    This looks like a great matte neutral palette! Quo has some great stuff – I should try more of their newer items.

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