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I haven’t been doing a lot of monthly favorites and regrets for awhile and I won’t be doing it now. Instead, I’ll be doing weekly series of Best Hits and Oh Hell NO! Note that it will continue after Next year. Don’t forget to follow more exciting post coming up next year.

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So, let’s start with a positive post today with the Best Hits!

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You know that I’m an eyeshadow palette junkie, right? I mean, if you follow me on Facebook or if you have been following my blog, you already know that I’m completely smitten and drool over when it comes to palettes.


I love all makeup, but if I had to pick a favourite beauty item it would definitely be eyeshadow palettes. ELF Cosmetics has released a holiday gift set that is the mother-load of eyeshadow collections! I love that Elf’s jumping on the huge palette trend in the best possible way. So YAY!

In this ELF All About Nude contains 32 shadows palette, two eyeshadow brushes and an eye primer. The theme is called Play Beautifully! Limited EDITION!


I got a beautiful ALL ABOUT NUDE palette set for myself this Christmas for $CAD15.00. Yes, I love my eyeshadow, I adore makeup and obsessed with palettes. I’m super delighted, it feels like a dream to grab a limited edition palette.


From smokey colours to super wearable nudes this set has something for everyone. I’ve used and tried Elf products before and it’s my first time trying a huge eyeshadow palette. Honestly, I don’t know why I waited so long!


I find it’s conveniently packaged into one festive set.with the inside you’ll see all the 32 eyeshadows AMAZING COLORS.. This palette was for CAD$15.00 at our local grocer, MAXI. I was taken by double surprises, FIRST to pick this gorgeous palette and TWO it’s available locally NOW.


It’s not easy finding well pigmented good color selection  eyeshadows, especially for an affordable price. For $15.00 a set, I definitely think is a good deal because they’re so smooth and pigmented. But some colors are better than the others. Apart from that, they’re also cruelty-free.

elf color swatches

Look at these color swatches without eye primer nor eye base. The eyeshadows stay true to colors on my hand from pan. Also, color payoff is quite nice.

The formula is pigmented and smooth, which makes it easy to work on and to blend. I couldn’t find any reason not to love this all about nude. It has good color selection and I’m so glad I grabbed it.


First off, I love the packaging, curved tube with the beige band is very sleek, definitely something I’m happy to see from a eyelid primer! I have no issues holding it in my hand or applying. And the applicator is of doe shape. Nothing not to love about this primer.


The formula is soft and the formula applies very well. It’s definitely not tacky but feel creamy to touch.


Instruction at the back of the packaging asked that you leave the primer until it dries before applying the eyeshadows. I know the fact that with eye base, you want to apply shadows before the formula dries to lock the shadows in. There is no right or wrong way.


Next, I didn’t get only one eyeshadow brush but two. Elf has some good brushes to keep in my collection.


I’m so obsessed with this limited edition that ELF comes out with this Holiday season. I’m really speechLESS. Love, LOVE this set.

Limited edition products usually go out fast. If you see this on Elf website or at your local drugstore, Target, pick one for yourself and another for your best friend.

Final question is, do I recommend them? Highly. For me, this palette is absolute must-haves! You seriously have to try it for the price and quality you’d get. That’s it for today’s BEST Hits. I’ll be right back with more beauty posts… on the next one. Stay Tuned for more!

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Sharon xoxo



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14 thoughts on “Best Hits and Oh Hell NO! Elf Eyeshadow”

  1. I have been debating buying myself one of these…they look so nice but I already have so much eyeshadow, lol.

    I love that it came with the primer and brushes too!

    I found your link in the Beauty Bloggers Unite Facebook Group 🙂 I’m so glad I saw it!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thank you so much for stopping by Jessica. The quality on this palette is good and the price is so affordable.But if you’re have a lot of eyeshadows, you can check on their duo eyeshadows which are amazing too. The primer and brushes are a good bonus from elf.


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