BABES IN BLOGLAND COLLAB| Who Will You Kiss Under the Mistletoe


TODAY is Christmas Eve and with Stashy from Stash Matters, Ingrid from Curly Spring Blossom and Kaily, Hello Kaily, we want to thank all for the great month of December. I’ve a wonderful time sharing the BLOGMAS posts and don’t forget to check on their blogs and give them a follow. I’ll put their links below.

Since it has been centuries that people choose someone to kiss under the mistletoes and the tradition has been passed down through many generations. Since tonight is an important night to grab your loved one to be under the mistletoe.

But Babes In BLOGLAND have agreed to take the challenge to have someone beside their significant other, spouse or boyfriend to kiss under the mistletoe.

by source – vintage under mistletoe

The meaning behind MISTLETOE: This person will kiss you under the mistletoe! The only thing missing is the perfect opportunity, and it will come soon enough! Give them a hint and hang up lots of mistletoes.

If you have a facebook account, just take this challenge by clicking on the link provided below.

Here is the link if you’re curious to know that other person would be. This is fun and you’ll be surprised to see who you’ll be KISSING under the mistletoe. I’m curious to know 😉

I just died … I got Jenny B my  good friend on facebook. Hahaha! This is just too funny. That’s what happened when all my friends on facebook are all beauties. I wonder where on earth are our husbands, or boyfriends will be? LOL.

Q: I challenge you to do it and leave your comments who will be under mistletoe with you this year?

Are you curious to know who the other Babes in Blogland had in mind to kiss under the mistletoe.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season filled with joy and good spirit all through the years!

Sharon xoxo



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