Dramatic Shades Review, Photos and Swatches!




I did a review on Mariposa Metallic Eyeshadows Palette in the past couple of months (click here for full review). I picked yet another palette in Dramatic Shades at the Dollar store recently. I remember mentioning that I’ll be picking another palette if I find them available and luck was on my side that day!


I really like the Mariposa Eyeshadow. Although like any brand, some shades can be a hit or miss, I’ve been pretty pleased with their Metallic eyeshadows I’ve purchased and intrigued to try this Dramatic Shades.


Some shades are smoother/softer than others, and it has a decent pigmentation for the price.


At $3.00 a palette what could possible be wrong, these eyeshadows are super affordable, and I purchase them whenever I get swayed by the sparkles or the pretty color selections and always end up caving in.


I find it to be a nice every day shade especially the neutral earth toned shades and I often wear it solo on my lid and smudged on my lower lash line for a soft wash of color, topped with a mascara.


After swatching them next to each other yesterday, I realized how pretty they are together. I’m definitely going to try incorporating them all in a look!

Here’s the look. Not bad but I’d expect better pigmentation as the Metallic Palette.

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The bronze and purple colors are pretty. The color payoff is average and it surely needs to be layered up. Applying eye base before the eyeshadows would be helpful to achieve an everyday look.

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mariposa eyeshadow dramatic

I do like this eyeshadow, but because of the loose glitter it’s not very practical, nor is it for everyone. MY only complain for this palette is the powdery texture and some colors lack pigmentations.

I don’t hate this palette but it’s just not something I’d reach for, if I’m aiming for an intense color, long lasting, glammy look.

If you’re beginners who started to play with eyeshadows, then this is worth the buck. For $3.00 only,  you get 12 eyeshadows which in my opinion is quite an amazing price.

Do you like Mariposa eyeshadows? Which are your favorites?

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to see you again on the next one 🙂

Sharon xoxo


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