Me & My Tresemmé, Ya!




Shout out to Tresemmé for sending me their new hair products for consideration. These are press samples and I did not purchase them just so that you know. It was last Monday when the mailman deliver this parcel to me. I didn’t expect to receive any delivery but there I was, staring in awe at these full size samples nicely packaged in a big black gift box.

*press samples


Here’s what I received from Tresemmé.

Full size bottle of Pre-wash conditioner, Shampoo and Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer. But before I start, I like to share some information about my hair so that you know.  Full disclosure – my hair is straight, thick and long, dark and I wash my hair every two days with little to no use of heat styling products. I’m just lazy and usually use towel to dry them. And yes, the weather where I am is super dry in winter.


This is a new product in which you use condition first before you use shampoo! It made me very curious on how this would affect my hair. I go like WHAAaaatttt!!!

Well, it says on each bottle …

Step 1: Pre-wash Conditioner your hair first. I loved the pump feature on the bottle. The consistency was a bit runny but it got the job done.

After applying you are supposed to wait for a minute before rinsing out. When I applied it on my hair I did not find anything great just felt like ordinary conditioner but I loved how my hair felt after rinsing it out. My hair felt soft,smooth and silky and I was really amazed at the end result. I’m totally in love with these!


Step 2: Shampoo. It smells amazing. I feel that the combination of this pre-wash conditioner and shampoo made my hair feel soft and silky with lots of bounce. Yay for that!

A totally new revolutionary concept for me and I admit that I was very skeptical about using a conditioner before a shampoo. It’s my first time trying these out and I was totally sold after having tested them.


Step 3: Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer. Apply the maximizer after shampooing as the last step, and then wash hair. I notice it leaves my hair soft with amazing scents. I really love the result the way my hair looks after wash.


If you haven’t try this new Beauty-Full Volume Collection hair products from Tresemmé. I highly recommend that you try them. Get something that actually works for you. Try it and you’d be convinced.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are three slide images of before and after results trying on Tresemmé. You tell me what you think in the comment below!

Special thanks and shout out to Tresemmé and CBB Network for this opportunity to test this product out. I would never have found it otherwise.

What do you think of the new hair products? Would you indulge yourself to get this awesome blossom volume collection?

Available at all drugstores and Tresemmé online.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hope to see you on the next one! Bye!

Sharon xoxo



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16 thoughts on “Me & My Tresemmé, Ya!”

  1. Great results! I am all for trying anything that will tone down frizz. I have curly hair and lots of it. Tresemme is one of my favorite hair product brands. I will have to try this line . Thanks for this

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