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Hello everyone! Winter is the perfect season for me to try skincare products as my skin gets dryer and it needs to be even more hydrated and protected. I am excited to share with you today another beauty review on the Nivea face products.

I’ve been really obsessed with skincare products lately and I’ve been scanning for a great bargain and obviously good products to try on.

Nivea Face Products

Okay guys! I need to explain to you that I’ve dry to combination skin and it drives me nuts when my skin started to be acting up especially on a dry winter season. I need my humidifier on the whole time to keep the air humid and not too drying for my skin.

I stumbled across some of these at the Walmart  a couple of weeks ago and I want them all. I honestly don’t need it since I’ve got many products to try still but what the heck … they were on special discount!


I picked all the face products by Nivea for dry skin and that’s this review is all about. I can only share my experience  with products I’ve actually tried.

GENTLE CLEANSING WIPES FOR DRY SKIN. These are heavily scented, so if your skin is somewhat sensitive, beware. I cannot use them on my face, so they are relegated to cleaning my makeup area and removing swatches. I would recommend you go with the unscented ones.

I could not find a single fault with these wipes except with the strong scent. It doesn’t remove the make-up completely but I’ve never used a wipe that does. If you get my point.


GENTLE TONER FOR DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN. This toner smells nice. It says on the packaging it contains natural almond oil but I smell floral scent (maybe it’s just me, I really don’t know).What scents do you think it is? Let me know on the comment below, if you’ve used it.

I find it to be gentle and hydrating. It’s nice and did the job of removing leftover residue from makeup remover but it didn’t rock my boat. I’m not saying it’s terrible but average. Overall, here is what I  concluded, this toner doesn’t break me out on my sensitive skin. I’ll still continuing using it.


NOURISHING DAY CREAM with SPF 15 for Dry Skin. I enjoy day cream that contains SPF to protect skin from sunburn more so in winter.  For a budget spend moisturizing cream with SPF 15 point of view, this is not the best in the world but it works for now.

I would say this is what my skin (and wallet) needs during these winter months, it’s cold and I need something to protect my poor skin. I noticed it’s a bit greasy but like I said, for the winter, that’s what my skin need. It dries out few seconds after I apply it and it feels lightweight.The scent is like every other Nivea product.


PEARLY SHINE LIP BALM with Long Lasting Moisture Hydration. Some of you might know me after reading by many posts that I’m not a very lip gloss person and a pearly shine lip gloss would just be pushing it too hard. I’ll keep this one to be added for another giveaway.

I want to do product reviews for you guys and I’m digging my pocket deeper each time I shop. I feel very encouraged when I have friends, fans, readers who stop by and comment on my post. I love reading your comments and I want to share as many products I’ve tried with you guys as much as I can.

What do you think of these products?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



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Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me and the opinion are solely mine. I’m just sharing my experience on these products and hope it would help you in your next purchase decisions.



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11 thoughts on “Nivea Skincare Products”

  1. I used to use that Toner and it’s great! I used to also be obsessed with the Nivea lip balms. I collected all the flavours and even bought some flavours when I was in Paris that weren’t available here! I grew out of them though haha. Be warned though, that pearl shine one has a bit of a frosty finish to it.


  2. I love your post, I also used a lot of Nivea products. My skin is very dry and sensitive, so you helped me not to choose those wipes, I think they would not be good for me, so thanks! 🙂 Also, last lip balm that I bought and still using is just this one up, and I really love it. It doesn’t leave too much color, the smell is delicate and it leaves my lips visibly soft. Thanks once again for this post, keep up! 😉 :*

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