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For women that love to get all dolled up, there doesn’t seem to be enough formal occasions throughout the year to show off your stunning dress collection and flawless makeup skills. Although many will continue to argue whether ladies dress for themselves or for their company, the Great Debate as Bustle calls it, no one can deny how much of a confidence boost you get from that breathtaking floor-length number that has been sat
in the back of your closet for months on end.

As the fashion experts from Lyst have indicated, evening dresses and fairy-tale gowns really up the after-dark wow factor, but the entire ensemble could look like a hot mess if you haven’t got the right makeup on. After all, your dress can only do so much.

To keep your evening look on point, consider the following makeup styles:

Strong Brows and Bold Lips

Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but no one will be able to look  past the surface if your eyebrows aren’t groomed. Don’t be afraid to go  bold with your brows, remembering to go a few shades lighter, as advised by Glamour, and match it with matte lips to  avoid the retro vibe. This is great for those that aren’t a fan of heavy makeup.

The Sexy Cat Eye

Add to the drama with the perfect cat eye. This can be a bit tricky though and may lead to unnecessary layering to the point you resemble Amy Winehouse, thus you probably should use beauty tape or a business card to keep your eyes even, and the eyeliner flicks sharp.

Shimmery Eyeshadow

Evening looks aren’t always about the dark rocker makeup. In fact, day smoky styles translate pretty well into the night, and if you want to experiment with other shimmers, silver will blend beautifully with your darker shadows, brightening up your eyes while still maintaining that go-to smoky technique that most of us rely on. Check out Cosmopolitan for an easy-to-follow info-graphic.

Tell us about your favorite evening makeup looks.




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