Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes


Hi everyone!

I can hardly believe it has been almost two years since my I started blogging and had not make any brush reviews thus far.

This post is going to be short and sweet. So, let’s start…


The set includes 4 brushes for your face and eyes. I find most of them to be useful. Here are the brushes:

still spa essentials

Still Spa Essentials has the best brush that I have found to do the job! And I love the price tag:). Just CAD$9.99 for 4 brushes are a freaking a no-brainer, right! So don’t walk – just run over to your nearest Walmart and grab this bad boy. You won’t regret it.


Each brush is shaped by hand and the natural tips of the fibers are much finer, which ultimately lead to a much softer feel on the skin as opposed to laser-cut hairs. More details after the jump!


You can use it to buff in liquid of cream foundations, but I also recommend it for applying sheer powder blushes. The brush head is ultra dense so it helps build pigmentation. Yay!


They hold onto product very well and are beautiful. The bristles are very soft and do not fall out whatsoever. For the price and quality, I would highly recommend Still SPA Essentials. 

I find these brushes themselves feel sturdy and so soft. I love the texture of these brushes! They do such a nice job and I’m really impressed.


I first encountered Still Spa essential Eyeshadow Blender earlier last year when I received picked it up from Walmart. I never realized they offered so many type of brushes! There were quite a few I was interested in and instead of grabbing each one, I just got this whole brush set.

Of course, I use some brushes more than others so here are my most grabbed for brushes!


I love love this eyeshadow blender a lot. It’s my second one actually. I love it so much that I need a backup. Can you tell? It’s my most reached for product when blending. It’s super soft and you can see the bristles to be super efficient when it comes to blending. Blending is everything and you really need to have a very good blush to get the job done.


This pencil brush is the right amount of firmness for smudging out my under eye area. Love it!


Lastly, I tried using it on my brows and for some reason it’s so easy on the brows. Great little liner brush I must say. Super happy with my latest purchase of brushes. Woot!Woot!

I will be purchasing more of their brushes eventually, as they had just the right amount of resistance against the back of my hand. I’m surprised I have not seen a review of these online yet, but perhaps I have not been paying enough attention.

Will I recommend? You bet I will. I’d recommend this brush set to makeup enthusiasts, collectors and travelers. This set is a total score! If you’re in the market for brushes but are on a budget check out value kits from Ecotools, Still SPA, Elf or BH Cosmetics.

If you have to choose just one eye brush from any of your makeup brushes, which one would it be? Please leave your comments down below.

That’s a wrap for my Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes! Check back my blog to read more of my other upcoming posts – happening Monday though Wednesday and Saturday.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope I’ll see you guys again on the next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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