Question Tuesday! Summer


Hey Everyone!

It’s the second Tuesday of August and it’s a beautiful day today. I’ve switched the A/C and two fans blowing on high speed to cool down. I love beautiful blue sky but I’m not a big fan of summer heat. I can get heat stroke and let’s say I always tried to avoid getting that. But weekends and vacation time – I need to have my SPF50, hat, sunglasses and water to cool down when I’m outside.

Okay, my summer doesn’t sounds as juicy and interesting so far. So, there is my Question to you …

Q: What were your most excited activities you did this summer?

Leave me a comment down below. I would like to hear how’s your summer.

Sharon ♥♥



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Hey Sharonoox

Hi Everyone, I'm Sharon! I'm obsessed with makeup and addicted to shopping. I love testing and reviewing beauty products and decided to translate my passion into writing blog posts to be shared with you guys. Enjoy reading! xoxo

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