Question Tuesday| It’s September


It’s September, my gorgeous friends! September makes me feel like great. 

fall season
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Why does September bring such happy feelings, you ask? Because September brings all things AWESOME. For example pumpkin spice everything, fall decor, and change of season !! 💜❤️💜

Q1: What are you excited about in September??

Q2: Are you team apple or team pumpkin?

Q3: Have you tried Starbucks’s pumpkin spice latte and what do you think of it? Should I try or no?

Comment below what you think. Thanks all for being super awesome. Love ya’!

Sharon xoxo


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11 thoughts on “Question Tuesday| It’s September”

  1. September is for pretty trees, cooling down from summer weather, and a last month before school starts back up (and also my birthday).

    I tend to be team apple in September and team pumpkin in October!

    I remember trying a pumpkin spice latte a couple years ago and I think I liked it…? I’m not really a coffee drinker so I don’t really go to Starbucks… I think it tasted good. I think.

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  2. Happy September! I’m most looking forward to the temperature dropping to a normal range instead o this hot humid summer we’ve had! 😛 This week is still going to be a scorcher!
    Team apple!
    Starbucks PSL is just ok. I preferred it before they reformulated it last year. Try the Toasted Graham Latte, if they bring it back!

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  3. Ahhh! It’s finally fall!!!! Yes to everything fall. I personally am excited about the change in nature- the cool breeze and the crispness to the air and the scarves and sweatshirts! I am more of a pumpkin person too, but bring on the apple as well. MM mm. This post truly made me so excited for it FINALLY being acceptable to go fall -crazy hehe.

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  4. Autumn is probably my favorite season 💕September is my birthday month, some of my shows come back on and I look forward to exploring my city. The trees change the leaves are beautiful and the weather isn’t so hot anymore. I haven’t tried Starbucks pumpkin latte sounds yummy though. I do love their pumpkin bread. I would say I’m team apple😎


  5. Actually, I get depressed in the fall. I hate that it’s cold in the morning and that it gets darker noticeably earlier. And I miss the beach. Pumpkin is nice, but give me watermelon, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries any day. But I hope you have a great fall season!


  6. 1. I move this month and I just can’t wait for that adventure! 2. Weirdly enough, team apple! Can’t believe I’m saying that! 3. Yes I have and it’s not too bad! I can see why people love it but it’s not totally my favorite! Happy September!!


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