Wake Me Up Concealer – Review & Swatch


Hi guys! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday 🙂

Nothing much to report today except editing my post while listening to oldie songs and Bee Gees. This song keeps playing on my head now. Oh I can’t stop… hahaha!

Let’s take a look …


Wake me up before you go-go, don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo with little Rimmel Anti Fatigue Radiant Glow Concealer in Light/Medium. I picked up this concealer many moons ago and had just brought this our to wear again recently.

After testing it out, I remembered why I didn’t reach for it in the first place.


The concealer comes in a lip gloss like tube which I particularly like. It comes with a doe foot wand applicator which means applying only a little of the product at a time.


Comes in very limited shade range which I find quite frustrating. This shade has a little pinkish undertoned and just not the right color for me since I’m currently on NC25. The shade is a bit dark as concealer. Sorry, but I don’t think I like this concealer very much.

It’s available in 4 shades – Very Fair, Fair, Light-Medium & Medium; the shade I have is in Light/Medium.


The formula is decent with the consistency of it being not thick but creamy. It gives a medium coverage and over applying could be a nightmare.

I also have combination skin and  one of my biggest struggle is to find concealer that covers the redness around my nose and cheeks without it clinging to the dry patches or making skin look flaky. That’s a big no no!


I tested it over the long weekends and I’m going to say that it’s a miss for me. I really want to like it but the coverage isn’t as I expected with poor color selections a disadvantage.

Overall, it’s a decent product if you’re a fan of Rimmel’s makeup brand, but in my opinion it’s not necessarily a must have. There are other drugstore concealers out there which absolutely works much better than this. So, sadly, it’s a miss for me but if you love it, then continue what floats your boat.

Have you tried Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer?  Did you like it? Share you experiences in the comment below.

So, that’s it for this today’s blog post and I’ll see you again on the next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo




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8 thoughts on “Wake Me Up Concealer – Review & Swatch”

  1. Too bad! I heard so many good things about this. But, I thought this is more for under eyes, not for spots / face concealing? Since it’s called Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue I thought it’s more to make the eyes look brighter. If I get this, I’d pick up the Fair shade for myself!


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