Drugstore Mini Skincare Haul


Hey guys! Today’s post is going to be a mini skincare haul because I wasn’t planning to do a post. I was actually going to do a review post but then I was too excited I couldn’t wait but to show you guys what I picked up a few days ago.


I picked up the new Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream, Neutrogena Ageless Intensive Lifting Concentrate for Eyes and lastly the TowTab Biodegradable Towel Tablets.


The first thing, I got is this Aveeno Intensive Night Cream. I’ve went through very quickly on night cream honestly of which I hit pan on my Lancome Bienfait night cream a month ago and I’ve been using my new jar of L’oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal night cream since.

I talked about the day cream recently and how much I loved the moisture of the product. So, when I saw the night cream was on sale, nobody is going to stop me from getting it.


This product contains a proven concentration of Active Naturals with a net wt. of 48 ml of products in it.

It says behind the box packaging that there are 5 factors of radiance found in this jar:-

  1. tone
  2. texture
  3. dullness
  4. blotchiness and
  5. brown spots


I just want to demonstrate the texture to show you guys. It feels really creamy and very moisturizing. So one thing I like is that it has description of what you’re buying.


Next stop is the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Lifting Concentrate for eyes. I’ve seen it on the internet where people talked about it and I’m curious to try it myself. And oooh, it also has Neutrol and BioDryness in it whatever that is.


It says here that it reveals noticeably strengthened, younger-looking eyes. So, there you have it the claims from Neutrogena. What else could I say? I ‘m very excited to try this. I’ll have the review up hopefully in two weeks. I wanted to make sure enough time is given to test this product before I do a review. Fair enough?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe only setback for me is the high price. At Uniprix Pharmacy (drugstore), the price CAD$24.99 for this little tube containing 12 ml of products. I personally think the price is a little bit steep for a drugstore brand but that makes me even excited to test if it’s as good as it claims. So I’m excited for that.

Leave your comment below if you think this product is overpriced? I like to hear what you think.


Moving on is this cute TowTab Biodegradable Towel Tablets which I was intrigued to find out more about this product. So cute packaging! It’s compact, biodegradable and has all natural fiber. This is cool stuff.


Aaaah! A towel in a tablet form – that’s something I want in my life. I’m a sucker for anything unique and cute but I think this is great for travelling and can I say they’re environmentally healthy since it’s biodegradable! Right, No, maybe!!!

There are 5 rolls in a pack and each roll has six tablets. The packaging really reminds me of my childhood candy “POLO” mints except it’s green. I’m going to insert a picture right below.

Polo Mints
by source


With a drip of water and poof, it grew to this size. That’s so amaaazing! First time seeing this and I love it. You know what I’m thinking? I might want to go back to get a few more packs for backup. Yup, that’s what I’ll do.


I really enjoyed this. It’s a face towel so everybody calm down! But does it get better than this?

I’m very excited to try all these products all at once.

So, yeah these are three products I picked up and did a mini haul for today’s post. Give this post a LIKE if you like this type of post and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog you haven’t already at Hey Sharonoox.

Thank you very much and I’ll catch up with you the next time, stay beautiful! [muak]

Sharon xoxo




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33 thoughts on “Drugstore Mini Skincare Haul”

  1. When I first saw you mentioning the towels I was thinking they were for another part of your body and thinking “wow that’s a weird product!” 😂 Now I realise they are for your face I think that’s a fantastic idea for when you are travelling. Love all the other things you bought too

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  2. I remember as a kid as a treat my mum would get us “towel tabs” where you would add them to the water and get a full sized wash cloth with a pattern on it and when I got older I remember being stupidly excited to find a body towel with the same concept lol

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  3. I love aveeno so much and those towel pills are the best! I bought a bunch of marvel ones for my boyfriend a while ago and it was such a cute little gift!

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