Flower Beauty Eye Favorites


Hey everybody! I’m feeling happy today. I want to share the happiness with you because I’m doing an eye favorites. Yay!!! I’m feeling good today and I hope you guys are feeling good too.


Now you know how much I love a good eyebrow pencil and I couldn’t be happier when I found it from Walmart. And yes it’s the Eye Brow Pencil by Flower Beauty. Life couldn’t get better than that. This is a complete no brainer, if you asked me! As I mentioned in my previous post beauty haul,all the Flower makeup products were on sale since it has been discontinued for all Walmart in Canada.


When I saw these, the mouth dropped by the ridiculous low price. I don’t have any Flower Beauty Brow Pencils, is that really bad?

This is the packaging. It comes in a twist pen packaging which I really like. Away with you, sharpeners! I don’t need you when I got this.


It feels really good and the shade is a perfect fit. It goes on smoothly with small strokes. I then fill them up in between once I’ve created a shape of how I want my brows to be. Very easy to work on and I love love love a good brow product. I’m obsessed!


It gives a lovely pigment. So pretty! Such a nice shade.


Next thing I want to talk about is the Flower Beauty On Your Mark Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I thought I wasn’t going to like it when I first try it on but after reaching for it everyday since. I can say I was surprisingly impressed.


The packaging is simple and sleek with a felt applicator on the tip. Just like eyebrow products, I love a good eyeliner.

I’ve sensitive eyes and the last thing I want is a formula that creates irritations to them. I don’t have any problems with the formula which is a good sign and I like that their products are cruelty free.


I find this to be very easy to use. I can do winged liner and cat eye look without much difficulty. The only setback for me is the color pigmentation which is slightly off. It clearly says Black but the swatch looks like a Dark Taupe to me. I don’t really mind since the matte finishing overshadowed the color, you know what I’m saying! And I don’t think I really have this color before. So yay!


Nevertheless, this is such an amazing products if you’r’e looking for a good quality liner without breaking the bank.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with these products I got and I would recommend it. A side note: I went back to pick up 2 more brow pencils as backup until I find my holy grail. Meantime, I’m loving it.

I hope you enjoy this post. Thanks so much for stopping by.  Hope you have a good day! Bye!

Sharon xoxo











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8 thoughts on “Flower Beauty Eye Favorites”

  1. Ive never heard of that brand before but never having to use a pencil sharpener is a good thing as I can never find one when my pencils are blunt 🙂 I do prefer a liquid liner than a pencil one though as I find it goes on a lot better

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