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Hey guys! Welcome back to Question Tuesday. As we’re a month short to the biggest holiday season of the year. I’m curious to hear …

Q: What’s on your holiday wish list? It could be anything and not necessarily beauty related.

Let me know on the comment.

Thanks a million for be an awesome friend! Hope you’ve a lovely week [muah]

Sharon xoxo


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22 thoughts on “Question Tuesday”

  1. holiday wish list this year includes ralph lauren tender romance perfume. I got a sample of this from sephora and have been obsessed with it ever since! Also want Philosophy Purity one step facial cleanser, Noyah Lipstick in shade Smoke (obsessed), of course gift cards to sephora and old navy for all the Pixie Pants and Sweaters for work and play. Happy Holidays!


  2. I hope this is the comment thingy now. Been looking everywhere for the commentsection xD. My christmas wishlist is for well, just prayers. My dog has a tumour in her breast and we’re going to the vet the 14.


  3. I haven’t given too much thought to this! I would say that my wishlist would be to find great Christmas presents for loved ones. I know for myself that I have more than enough, I’ll focus more on giving. The only thing I need is a new leather jacket.


  4. I just want an awesome time with our family ❤️ Now that we have simplified our life so much I don’t really have anything I want or really need


  5. It’s always hard for me to think of a Christmas wishlist but I would love a new perfume since that’s a little luxury I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. And there’s also a MAC neutrals eyeshadow pallet I have my eye on


  6. oh there are so many things that I could get and things that I only wish would happen. I would start by putting out the fires in the mountains of Tennessee and go on to getting a budget passed in Illinois. What I really want is happiness and health for my family. There are not a lot of things on my wishlist for me other than to have more time to enjoy life with those that I love
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